Posted by: Nepa123 April 6, 2021
ssn benefits as citizen vs green card holder
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Check this out

You should apply to update, obtain or correct
your social security card.

You need a social security card to get a job,
and to report wages to the government.

• Validates your U.S. citizenship status with
federal and state governments.

• Easier in the future to apply for and receive all
social security benefits entitled to you.

• In some states, certain disability benefits are only
available to U.S. citizens. By changing your
citizenship status with the Social Security
Administration, you will ensure you receive all
disability, retirement, and social security benefits
for which you qualify as a U.S. citizen.

Note: If you are updating or correcting your card, you will usually keep the same social security number.

See below for details...,qualify%20as%20a%20U.S.%20citizen.
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