Posted by: CKS March 31, 2021
Public shaming of sexual harassers
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I have seen a new trend among girls (women) in Nepal who are publicly shaming individuals who they claimed have sexually harassed them. They are posting screenshots of text messages. Calling these men pedophiles. This is a welcome move and I support the initiative. Women should come out before they are victimized. Pedophilia is something that needs to be reported and the perpetrator brought to justice.

Sexual harassment is always a tricky subject. Like most of these women are over 21-22 age and pedophilia is mostly for children under the age of 21 or even less in some places. Pedophilia seems to be loosely understood as people seem to be okay with rich older celebrities marrying young girls as young as 23-24. There might be a disconnect as far as definition of harassment. If some ugly guy hits on the young girl of age, the girl may find it to be harassment but the same girl would be okay with being hit on by some handsome, successful man like Brad Pitt. Accusing one of harassment and being okay with another man's pursuit seems a bit hypocritical. Obviously it all depends on the degree of harassment. But some text messages shared simply seem like an adult man interested in knowing another adult female, which does not need to be shamed in public ending the man's career or family life. In the US, they identify these transgressions as whatever happens between two consenting adults, moral connotations aside.

This is not a black and white matter and there are always men who may be abusers, harassers and rapists. These are the men that need to be brought out and shamed for their lewd behavior and more power to these ladies, but again this public shaming needs to be done with utmost discretion as it could have serious effect on many people's lives.
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