Posted by: AnandNepal March 2, 2021
Miss Nepal Shrinkhala Khatiwada goes to Harvard for grad school!!!
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"How can your video help me?"
In the video, I have explained why Harvard's School of Design is ranked #1 in the world. If I were to do a graduate degree, I would certainly try to get into a school that is ranked #1

"What’s so big deal about she going to Harvard?"
Answered ..

"Why these buzz?"
People do care !

"Do you know who is Ganga maya?"
I know Ganga Maya, her husband, her son and all the details (I once wrote about the case).

"Have you ever made any video on her?"
No. That case is out of the scope of my channel.

@Ujl - I appreciate you being truthful.. 
I don't expect everybody to watch my videos. I made the mistake  that was being discussed so shared the video.
I am sorry, if you feel offended that I shared the video in the thread you started. I won't mind if you delete that post. 

Thank you for the information. 

@Casino - Details will come out soon, I hope! 
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