Posted by: mangale January 21, 2021
Breaking: Trump Opens New Party!!
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Breaking: Trump Opens New Party!!

By Mangale, Mar-a-Lago Correspondent.

Political Party Name: Patriotic Party
Nickname: Pumpkin Party
Mascot: Orange Toupee
Party President: Donald J Trump
Vice President: Ivanka Trump
Treasurer: Jared Kushner
Legal Adviser: Rudy Giuliani (Farting Days) Sidney Powell (Non-Farting Days)
Party Head Quarter: Mar-a-Lago
Legal Adviser Office: At back of Four Seasons Landscaping during Sunny Days, Leasing inside nearby Adult Video Store during Rainy Days
Party motto: Make Trump President Again
Membership Eligibility:
1. Any Patriot willing to install giant Trump 2024 flag in the Truck and drive around the town.
2. Any Patriot that can yell “CNN Sucks and Fake News!!”
3. Any Patriot that has been part of the Insurrection act in Capitol in Jan 6 2021
4. Any Patriot that believes what I say or pretend to believe what I say and share with fellow Patriots.
5. Last not the least, any Patriot that will donate minimum of $25

Sister Organizations: Q’Anon and various other Conspiracy Theory orgs.

Details & press conference to follow
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