Posted by: wegalzrock December 6, 2020
Fox News: Wear the Damn Mask, it is not political issue but a public health issue.
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बेबी सिस्टर, प्लिज प्लिज, हजुर लाइ मेरो बिन्ति छ ! 🙏😭

सोचि सम्झी वरि मात्र डिसाइड गर्नुस ल ! म त् लिने वाला छुइन र कसैलाइ लिनु पनि भन्दिन ! 🤓

@Nas bro. First of all hajurle malai samjhinu bhayo, khusi lagyo. Ani tesmathi ma testo gwaj pani chaina ki vaccine aaunesath launa kudne. I'd wait for atleast few months because I'd like people who need the vaccine to get it first. Ani baki bhayo bhane launa jane. Anyways i heard about 2-3 months is enough for our body to react to the immunization vaccine. So arule use garcha ani based on the side effects, I'll decide if I'd like one.

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