Posted by: wegalzrock November 28, 2020
Fox News: Wear the Damn Mask, it is not political issue but a public health issue.
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वेगल बहिनी, ट्रम्प जस्तो पातक़ी का supporter हरू संग पनी logic ले काम गर्छ र भन्या

SalamKrishne bro thikai bhannu bhayo. To be honest Trump ko supporter haru le garera nai Covid is not going anywhere anytime soon. And because of ignorant people like them, people like us are suffering too.

@Nas bro hajurlai keti haru ko pic herdai, trump ko news follow gardai fursad chaina. Kata bata covid ko danger ko barema research garna fursad hune haina? Covid ko vaccine aayepacchi mask nalaune harulai chai last ma matra vaccinated garda kasto hola? Ani pailai form sign garauna parla ki if and when they need ventilators, they'll be on the bottom list of people getting them. Bro i always want the best for you so please mask up and save lives.
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