Posted by: mangale November 28, 2020
Fox News: Wear the Damn Mask, it is not political issue but a public health issue.
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Nas bro ... I was not scared with this virus but was careful with this . This last week when it hit close to home , I am really upping my mask (n95) wearing while going to grocery and just being away from group of people or friends , forget about talking to them . One of my friend barley 40 (w/o underlying health issue ) came down with this virus and spent 10 days home fighting and 7 days in hospital (5 days in ventilator) . So this is deadly virus. The guy didn’t have any fever for last 2 years and can’t remember when the last time he was sick. He is home now recovering, very weak and still crawling to the bathroom. Also , another senior bro karate instructor ( 3 don) , lean and super athlete is battling severe pneumonia (COVID result pending) admitted himself to the ER, was sent home with pneumonia medication, he is recovering. Hospitals at capacity. So this is not some new world order . People are really sick and dying. The thing about this virus is people don’t know how it will affect them. On the side note, a Nepali family with diabetes , high bp patient all show little symptoms, all tested positive and recovered within a week. So so much uncertainty with this virus.
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