Posted by: polisci November 24, 2020
People are looking to become mental slaves
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Ever since pre-historic times, human beings have tried to become slaves of the unknown and the powerful. This phenomenon is very interesting because some people tend to give everything they have in support of something that they will rarely benefit from. There are two types of people, one who want to get in on the bandwagon and support the commonly accepted entity as if their life depended on it, and the other type is more concerned on something that will have direct impact on their own personal lives.

For instance take sports. There are hard core supporters of sports teams. These hard core supporters will root for their teams, their players, keep tally of scores, averages. Follow the player/team religiously. The person does not make any profit from this. The only entity that profits is the team or the player. The other type does not care for contributing to the riches of the team player. Why should they spend any time which enriches the players but wastes their valuable time.

The same concept follows through to politics. There are hard core supporters who take their political beliefs like religion. Even attacking others who do not agree with their beliefs. And some people don't really care too much but will stick to making impartial observations because they know they have nothing to gain and the only people who gain are the politicians who increase thier accounts by millions of dollars while the hapless follower supporter spend so much emotional, mental resources of something that will make their politicians even more richer and powerful.

In a room full of people when a hypnotist performs hypnotism, half the people fall into trance, following the hypnotists suggestion while the other half is not affected. I have a feeling the same people who fall into trance will be the once who are blind supporters of sports and politics, who are easily swayed by mass acceptance.

Just another observation.
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