Posted by: polisci November 20, 2020
About some Nep Trumpers
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Sajha keto
I am not a trump supporter but if there are trump supporters I have nothing against them. Everyone has a right to choose their own leader.

‘मै खाउँ मै लाउँ सुख सयल वा मोज मै गरूँ, मै हाँसु मै नाचुँ बाकी सब मरून् दुर्बलरू"

I really don’t have anything against these kind of people either. In life I feel that I should not allow other people’s mentality or upbringing bring out negative feelings in me like anger jealousy greed unless they start messing with me or the well being of people and things I care about.

Again, it just amuses me how some people take political support so religiously like fanatics- attacking anyone who doesn’t support their masters who are making millions billions of dollars at taxpayers expense. 🤷🏻
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