Posted by: be-aware November 10, 2020
From MAGA to MADA - Make America Dumb Again
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While the social media has been actively blocking anything against Biden saying "Not verified information", they are actively trying to effectively block any election related posts by trying to brainwash people into believing Joe Biden already won.

Where is their verification process here? The election result can only be verified by the election commission not the media.

FB is puts that propaganda message on every election related posts. Such are the hypocrites these democrats and their media. Going all out to declare the result of the election when the officials have not made any statements.

Once election commission makes their final statement then we have to agree with that. Because that's how democracies work and that's how law and order works.

Biden supporters are becoming more and more hateful everyday trying to shove media narrative down everyone's throat who are only asking the court to do the rightful judgment if there has been any cheating.

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