Posted by: harkhe7 October 11, 2020
American success stories
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@dave_dat If I have to take a stab at why we are still living in the past, we have to look at our political and cultural system for the last few hundred years. Our political system has been dominated by Chetrri and Bahun in the recent times. And, they happen to be the top two castes in our caste system. Because of this, they have a superiority complex. They have a subconscious reason to maintain old cultural system that puts them on top of the caste system. Just like with the whites in the west. I don't know if dalits or other janajatis have inflated sense of pride. And, the irony is that we still have managed to make dalits feel like they are inferior by birth although they are the same race as bahun and chetri. It made sense in the past because the upper caste deprived the lower caste of education. Unfortunately, it is still ingrained in our psyche. (I am also from the upper caste btw).

@meraj I also think that things will change with migrations. Our grandfathers lived in the same village for generations. They didn't get expose to new people and new ideas. Our parents started moving out of village. And, many of us grew up in cities with people of different backgrounds. Things are already changing. Kathmandu has become a hot podge of diversity.
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