Posted by: dave_dat October 9, 2020
American success stories
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For some reasons, I don't feel Just coming to US alone is a success story. There are a lot of people who have done exceptional job in their fields, I have seen so many academicians who have contributed so much to the society, The other day I read about a Nepali Prof. Who created an AI company and he was planning to democraticiz AI. Definitely there are many such stories but they don't come out that often.
Reasons, first thing we don't have the culture of being assertive, we cannot articulate our opinions or views without being either too pompous or too defensive. Also LIKE Dharkey mentioned we Nepali , Do seek approval from others.
Many years ago there was a story about one some Random Canadian Nepali on Setopati Global. I am not making this up, It read something like this "नेपालीहरू विदेश गएर सानोतिनो रोजगारी गर्छन, तर "फलानो" जी professional IT जब गरेर बर्षमा $८०k खानुहुन्छ". Does that fit, your definition of a success story?
Or there is this Nepali movie actor (name rhymes with "बाज डनलप" )who is working IT jobs and he was trying to justify why he left his well established career in Nepali Movie industry? Why is he seeking approval to live his life?

...Who won you decide...
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