Posted by: harkhe7 October 7, 2020
American success stories
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I think KP Oli is a success story. You can have your view on his style of governance. I am not talking about that. He told the people that he will run the country for his full five year term for political stability. He hasn't succeeded on that yet. However, he is half way there. And, he survived one of the biggest fightback in Nepal's history. The fightback from maoist supremo Prachanda and Indian beurocracy. He showed we can accomplish our goal 'हटेर होइन डटेर्' | It is a lesson to stick to your gun till the last moment no matter how big the opponents are. If you give up, there is no win. If you fight all the way, and don't win atleast you would know you gave your all in.

Let's give all we got in everything we do! 👍
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