Posted by: Keyser Söze September 29, 2020
Democrat wants to run election like in India. Chaos and Confusing to voters.
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NYT also reported Trump paid in both 2016 and 2017 just $750 each year and tho he hates illegals saying they don't pay taxes.
He tells he uses loophole to evade taxes, open fake university and pay huss money but wants to tighten if the immigrants did the same. Just like u sexy wouldn't be able to come with semester fee of 9000$ even  सकिन्ग black, white and brown कक्स् yet u want नेपाली students to put 4 yrs tuition fee ahead of time...keep सकिन्ग!! अरूको भलो नचाहानेको आफ्नो भलो पनि कहिले हुँदैन!
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