Posted by: wegalzrock September 14, 2020
बचत होइन लगानी गरौ !!!
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@Nas bro you seriously never fail to amuse me. But why do you always post pictures of girls. It's kinda weird and definitely irrelevant. But hey i am happy to hear that you've saved a lot of money. Bhai tika is coming soon. Malai k kinidine? 😆😆😆

@tps2gc bro I agree that paying $1500+ (including taxes) for a phone is a bit too much. But if that makes your wife happy, isn't it worth it? I have had a very blessed childhood. I never had to worry about anything. I was fortunate enough to get good education and had all my needs and wants met. I wasn't and am not a big saver either. But ever since i read the book "Everyday Millionaires" by Chris Hogan, i have stopped spending my money on unnecessary things. That book is very good and inspires the readers to be mindful of what they spend their money on. So if you can convince her to read it, she might start spending less.

Also you might want to read "Smart money, smart kids". It's a very good book written by a father and a daughter. Also bro sometimes buy something nice for your wife even if it hurts your pocket. That might make her feel good and you might get some kisses from her lol. I personally wouldn't marry a Miser. While it's important to save and invest, it's equally important to enjoy your wealth. Or else, it won't motivate you to save more if you cannot enjoy it at all.💰💰
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