Posted by: dave_dat August 25, 2020
Nepalis in USA, can you help with these 2 issues, please?
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For those Nepalese who are here in The US, all it should matter is economical growth. First and foremost most of us came to US with a single agenda to have a good life either by earning a good quality education, starting a business or working to earn higher wages than in Nepal. So our very existence in the US is based on economic well being. And also US allowed us to live here to drive the economy, I don't think we are anything more than a cog in this economic machine. No matter how "woke" we like to believe, we are nothing but a gear who keeping grinding until the teeth are worn out or God forbid gets broken if accidently or intentionally shot by someone or die in a car crash or of illness. We are quickly replaced by some other gear who thinks moving faster frees them from the pin, without knowing it makes them wear out even faster leading to their impending doom.
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