Posted by: logan August 24, 2020
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No offense Thakuri bro,
I see Thakuri as Gurung.

In history there was no Thakuri but it was provided by selfish educated bramhan to please rulers making them a different Kline than regular people.
If we observe their habit, behavior and culture are almost similar to Gurung family. For example: mama chela and fupu chelaa can married not in baahun and chettri because they practice 5-7 generation gap ( which has scientific reason).
Why you felt that way: because brahmin started breeding different race concentrating on education and karmakand which was not much of the earning and they do not wanted to work hard either ( today: it is different ). They needed to sustain their life and they were groomed differently and they adopted  " survival is the fittest" and came on the top on hanky and pansy generation after generation. My 2 cents thought.

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