Posted by: goddamn August 17, 2020
Nepalis in USA, can you help with these 2 issues, please?
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TPS ji Trump is not a republican, I understand that.
Trump is little crazy but looking at the current political landscape, I beleive that we need someone who is willing to be a bad man and crazy enough to do things he is doing. I am more scared of people like AOC, Omar and Rashida who hate US but are totally embraced by left. Anti trumpers are letting people who are looting free, so that it looks bad on Trump. They are willing to let spread Corona by inciting violence on street where people are not following any social distancing but are against anyone who is willing to work for food. People are shaming others who are hiking on the streets for not wesring mask (i am for mask where you cannot practise social distancing) and people eating in restaurants), and all people are vigilantes. This is not the direction, I want to see the country going. Look at California they destroyed, people are leaving beautiful state of California (run by left) to come to hot as hell state like Texas (run by right).

There will be a time to vote democrats, but if we do now the people like AOC who have successfully fired number of people from thei job because they expressed their opinion will win. I think current liberals have developed to be hooligans, and will punish anyone who beleives in different ideology. I think this is more dangerous than Trump ever can be. This is a difficult choice, I went with Trump because I truly beleive that media and celebrities ( who should be the least person to comment on normal people's lives like Taylor swift, who had to harden her liberal stance to stay relevant in the industry) are assasinating Trump's character. Like you mentioned Trump is schizophrenic and will react poorly when antagonized. This is what we are seeing in tv, where reporters are taking turn and getting sound bites that fit their narratives. I am not denying the fact that Trump is arrogant and asshole, even might be little racist. But he is not anywhere close to what media is saying.
It seems like we will continue to disagree but my humble request to you is, please do not categorize all Trump voters as less than human. There is a very high risk to vote for left on this election, I will vote for democrats when people like Omar and Rashida are not there. I will vote for them when they do not gang up on other side to get people fired or humilate them for having unpopular opinion.
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