Posted by: goddamn August 13, 2020
Noone knows about covid in Nepal
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I am not trying to get on your nerve or even have any animosity towards you but in good faith as a fellow countrymen would suggest you to take a break from political news from sometime. Try yoga, play games, run or just watch positive movies. It will help you to detach from current extreme political rhetorics. There is a lot of hate visible in you and I assume its because of the news showing extreme sides on both sides. If you hate anything with passion, you become same. I beleive you are trying to fight evil and hateful Trump but you might become one if you try too hard. It is simply not in our hands, express your opinion and give enough space for others to do their own. That may be the best thing we could do to help the situation. I will vote for Trump but if Biden wins, good for him and you.
I apologise for calling you out. Cheers.
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