Posted by: GoneCrazy July 26, 2020
Why are Nepalese politician so disloyal?
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Kunai pani jati bhesa group country peoples kharab hudainan. It all individual. Also, we are product of our civilization and surrounding. Nepal ma thahi bhako ho. Gore haru sabai ramra hunchan bhanne chainan. Both world war yini haru le nai suru gareka hun. About being dishonest its all due to what we see in our surroundings. Example: Hamro kunai relative high post ma cha bhane we all talk about him. If he earns money by bribery, we say he is earning good money. But when it comes to neta or someone else, we say all bad things about that person. Gali garchan, ghusiya bhanchau etc. Hami le pariwartan afai bata suru garnu parcha. Day to day life ma use garna parcha. Example: hami le afno ghar agadi ko bato dinai safa garna thaleu bhane neighbors haru le copy garna thalchan. Development is also cancer. It spreads from individual home to city to region to country. US ma hernus kunai pani thau so called dherai garib ya dhani chaina.
I would suggest everyone to start the process from yourself, house to your relatives. This way only we can have Development in Nepal
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