Posted by: ujl July 26, 2020
Why are Nepalese politician so disloyal?
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I see the main problem is food. Most Nepali people eat spicy food with garlic and onions along with different kinds of meats and alcohol on a regular basis. These kinds of foods are Rajasic and Tamasic in nature. These food increases passion and creates attachments, aversions, anger, and delusions in one's mind. Ayurveda prohibits eating garlic and onion as food. It allows garlic and onion only for medicinal purpose. When majority of Nepalese are eating wrong food, their mind and body are not fit for lofty thoughts and achievements. Consequently, they live a mediocre life filled with pride and arrogance. Therefore, unless we start eating more Sattvic food, our minds will not be pure, divine, and calm which is a prerequisite for higher knowledge. Do you think Pyramids were built by ordinary people who consumed meat and alcohol on a regular basis? Without self-discipline nothing is achieved. Self-discipline is a mind-game and the foundation for this mind-game is food because food is not material in nature. Food is information, it is frequency. When you intake the food, you actually intake the frequency inherent in the food, and that frequency now becomes part of you.

Therefore, the very foundation of a society is dependent on what kinds of food is being consumed on a daily basis by its citizens. One must eat Sattvic diet because - We are what we eat.
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