Posted by: pyackman May 27, 2020
Is using TPS a good idea and maintain F-1 status
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If you want to maintain F1 then you have to adhere by the rules of F1. Using TPS mean you will violate F1. If you want to maintain both TPS and F1 then technically you cannot use TPS. But there is no way to track this.

For green card there should be no problem as far as I can tell. but Green card takes a good chunk of time.

Working on cash has absolutely no track, your bank will not care, you can deposit any amount of money you want in your existing bank account. But illegal employment is always frowned upon and upon discovery you will lose F1, might have more .

In conclusion if F1 is important for you then try not using TPS unless you are tight with money. TPS is hanging on a thread at this time with the court order. I would try to get onto the process of getting a GC as soon as possible. TPS will give you legal employment but you will have to give up F1 if you were to use it.
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