Posted by: parboiled October 12, 2019
Immediate family based I -485 denied, what is the next step?
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My suggestion to every fellow Nepalese, as all immigration application process is a hard long waiting game.

- Keep calling 1 (800) 375-5283 , try to speak with Level 2 officer , explain the situation instead of keep waiting 60, 90.. whatever the notice of action says. Make Info Pass explain it to the officer behind the window.

As "Bennedict" mentioned , and in my personal experience, Officers are very very different with personality, education and their background. They quit and get fired. Who ever worked on your case may not be working in the field office anymore.

- Create an account on "" and open up service request - explain it thoroughly, wait for the response, monitor your case status.

- Do consult an experienced immigration attorney, get a better deal on fees. As I have noticed some of the attorneys do have the capability to contact field office and find out the case status.

-Doing it yourself is easy but case denials - motion to reopen, appeal sucks, more time and money. 

Thanks !!
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