Posted by: UnityIsPossible August 30, 2019
TPS EAD rejected: Help
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@ark and ehho2 thank you for the info. I was trying verify because you know how much hassle it can be without concrete evidence or having a clear picture, we have to bear consequences. I just have one question, in my situation where I have always been approved for TPS since the beginning and the last one got automatically extended. I had applied for TPS EAD first and second time but the third time I didn't, I just applied for TPS because I applied for OPT instead. Therefore, my last TPS EAD was valid from 2017 to 06/24/2018 and then I applied for OPT. I had heard once you apply for a new EAD then the old one automatically gets terminated, did my OPT do that to TPS EAD? In this situation, do you still say my TPS EAD is valid, it doesn't get terminated because I applied for a new OPT EAD?

I know I am asking a lot of questions but I have to. I need to give you guys a clear picture because every situation could change an opinion. Thank you for understanding and please let me know.
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