Posted by: paani_ma_paade_jasto June 4, 2019
Gautam Buddha Stadium Issue
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Lol soaltee bro, pokhara ma tyahi bandai gareko airport banda garna manchey haru tattiyieko chan, existing stadium ma jhadi palako cha , kata laney ho naya stadium.

I have seen the government seizing land of locals first hand. I personally know couple of people who could have been millionaires, but the shit storm brought by airport in pokhara displaced them to street. The last extension ( a year ago ) , a guys lost his property third time to airport. If you can not afford the land , you should not build a shit there, you do not deserve it. I do support building infrastructures and I do not agree that stadium should not be build when there are hospitals to be built. Development goes side by side, but to confiscate someone's home and not paying price that the community is asking for is just a bullshit way of stealing peoples home like in old Hindi movies. If they are asking high price, it is their freaking home, stay the fuck away if you cannot afford it. I think they did decent work on rebuilding after earthquake , but this is something opposite. They placed people who lost home back to their home that time, now they are stealing their home. About the billions budget on stdaum, fk that. I would rather let them have it than some politicians who do not do jack sht.
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