Posted by: ohyouknow June 4, 2019
Need advice regarding mom's tourist visa
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Hi, I'm in a major dilemma and was hoping someone on here had some insight as to how to proceed further.
  1. I moved to the US about 10 years ago and has been here since. My green card came through 6 months ago through my employer.
  2. My dad came to the US some time after I did, overstayed, got his green card and US passport through whatever means, and within that time frame divorced my mom.
  3. My younger sister came after a while also, didn't want to study so went out of status, but later also managed to get her green card.
For obvious reasons (see #2 and #3), my mom has not been able to secure the visitor's visa. Not during my two graduations, and not when my baby was born. While I see where the US Consulate is coming from, my mom is ageing quick and I can't just let her live alone anymore. I was hoping she would be able to come visit every year for a month or two and I could go back for some time. But it's just not looking possible. At this point, the only alternative I see is to give up everything and return to Nepal.

Therefore, I was hoping for any advice in terms of what I might be able to do? Would consulting with a immigration lawyer be helpful? Should I write a letter to the Consulate? Anything else?
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