Posted by: AnandNepal May 28, 2019
औकात देखाइहाल्छन ..  Priyanka Karki @ Cannes Film Festival
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Hopefully this is the end in the series on
Priyanka Karki's participation at the Cannes Film Festival...

I have made 11 video reports on the issue.
Not sure if I should do one more to wrap up the issue
(and make it 1 dozen-videos) ...

I guess people have appreciated my effort because:
- 3 of them received 200K+ views in a couple of days of their upload ...
- 5 of them received 100K views in a few days of their uploads...

One of them received 250K+ views within 24 hours of upload.
Her Biography was the least appealing video with just 17K views in 3 days

Thank you guys for your comments and support.

& Thank you Sajha Admin !!
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