Posted by: ghogay_moro May 28, 2019
Taking gold/diamond jewelries to Nepal
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what qlikview226 said is correct. if you are on US or other passports, you will be treated as a foreigner trying to smuggle gold, and there's not much you can do since they all work together to make sure they get the gold, and you pay the fines (which you and I know won't go to the government coffers in its full form), or unless you go to jail, in which case they make sure you get the worst treatment - you will be slapped with a court case and tangled up in legalities in your 2-week travel plans. it is very real. a family friend of ours got into this. she just didn't know anything about the 'newer' rules that prohibit carrying gold (neither did we until then). i think there were some triggers in recent years for them to tighten the restrictions around gold. no amount of 'source/force' worked.

there are similar restrictions for nepalese too although the threshold is a bit higher.

my advice is to call the nepalese embassy and find out, and stay out of trouble.

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