Posted by: paani_ma_paade_jasto May 27, 2019
Learning computer programming
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@CodeStation , good job on explanation. Since you put this in here, I believe you are open to criticism. You did put good amount of effort in producing this video. However, in my personal opinion , it would be better if you could add the specific terminology/technology/algorithms you are trying to explain in the video as kind of agenda of your video. What you have done is totally fine, but I would probably watch your other videos if I could know what I am going to learn in your video in first few seconds ( Don't want to watch the whole video and then google on about what the video means, like in your case, I believe you clearly described an example of stable sorting but kind of failed to explain what it technically means and had to spend few minutes on video to reach that point). Sorry to make unnecessary noise, consider it a bump .
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