Posted by: AdrianDaju April 10, 2019
Growing Youtube addiction among kids: a headache for Nepali society
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I admit that Youtube is a great source of knowledge, but Youtube is made in such a way that even a monk would have a hard time self controlling or having a discipline. This is how Billionaires make billions, from Mcdonalds to Youtube without addicting the consumers and making them a regular user businesses won’t be able to generate such huge amount of money.
Personally I was addicted too, I used to regret after watching so many videos that how did I even end up watching some stuffs I even didn’t look for. And the list of suggested videos that urges you to play however self controlled you are. The thumbnail that makes you want to click on it or clickbait. The Youtuber you have followed who makes you a sheep for new contents.
Kids are more prone to this. Only words isn’t enough to say self control/discipline and supervision. Truth can’t be hidden.
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