Posted by: neurologist March 5, 2019
Why you can't trust the vaccines 100%
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At some point in one's life, one has to consider one's position in the vaccine debate, specially after one has kids.

We probably grew up getting vaccinated and feel that we are doing fine. It is not surprising that most of us will blindly agree that vaccines are necessary to prevent certain diseases.

Back in the times when vaccines were created, they were created during times of need when having them available was matter of life and death, and they seems to have prevented and cured quite a few diseases.

Although, back in those days, these vaccines were meant to be beneficial, we need to spend a little time to reconsider few perspectives surrounding the usage of vaccines in today's world.

Whether we admit it or not, today is not the same as the late 1700's when the first smallpox vaccine was created. Back in those days, population was low, there weren't billions of human beings clamoring for the same limited resources as now. In addition to the explosion of population, the access to information is thousand times better than the past when these vaccines were first developed.

Even the people developing these vaccines were scientifically service oriented working on greater good because even they had not been influenced by the explosion of greed, which was gradually introduced into the world as the population and ease of information access grew. Back then, service oriented people would not have access to information to see what they were missing in life. Thesedays, everyone knows how poor they are compared to the rich and they try anything to become more rich. Greed has increased thousandfolds compared to back in those early vaccine days.

In addition to that, today the vaccine industry is a 30 billion dollar per year profit industry. With the amount of money and corruption flowing back and forth between politics and such industries, many decisions are being made without the benefit of the population in mind. There is rampant conflict of interest as politicians and profit maximizing industries share revolving doors for top executives. Thus, we find the director of FDA which is supposed to uphold the legitimacy of food and drugs, having special ties as well as financial benefactors of the industries that produce food and drugs. The CDC which mandates vaccines owns over 50 patents on different vaccines. So as normal human beings who cannot control these top level corruptions and conflicts of interest, one has to be aware of the chances of corruption in these vaccine industries which can have harsh adverse effects. Granted, that only a handful maybe affected but one cannot rule out the fact that they may possibly cause bigger medical issues during a persons lifetime if not right away.

We have seen many drugs recalled after people start dying or being affected in big numbers. These were from drugs which had been initially approved by FDA. Not only medicines we have seen grocery items being recalled after people have been badly effected or even died.
With this is mind, when we get vaccines, we are effectively putting in chemicals into our bloodstream and into our brain which most likely cannot be reversed. And to make the matters worse, the content of these vaccines are never clearly defined and the makers of vaccines are never liable for anything that can happen from vaccination.

One really hope that nothing bad happens to dear and near ones but one has to constantly be smart about these things which can collapse one's life totally if one becomes affected negatively by these vaccines. One has to be especially careful because everyday one can find people from all over the world who have had their children incapacitated or worse case.

As one can see even congress trying to make these vaccines mandatory, one has to be highly concerned because as a general citizen one cannot be sure about the ulterior reasons these vaccines are given continuously - about 54 doses of vaccines till a kid is 18. It is difficult to know whether these vaccines continue to thrive because they are presented in a profit chart for the vaccine industry as something to drive their profits instead of caring of people's health.

This is simply a reminder to many people who blindly want to believe whatever the vaccine industry tells them. You have to just be a little more educated and try to learn more about these vaccines before being blind supporter.

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