Posted by: bakwaas_kura February 19, 2019
EB-2 NIW application help
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Thanks to all for responding.
Here are some questions I have at the moment:

1. Besides application form, cover letter, rec letters, CV, and list of publications/citations from Google Scholar (I'm in biomedical research field), what should be included in the application packet? Copies of transkripts, full-text published papers?

2. How detailed does the cover letter have to be, what areas do you focus on, and what would you say is a good length?

3. I've read on Trackitt and some other forums that people got for RFEs for job offers/labor certification even though its NIW. Have any of you had a similar experience? What did you do to address it? If you didn't get the RFE, did you mention no need for job offer/labor cert in your cover letter?

4. Those who did a self-petition - is there anything you wish you had known or something you'd have done differently?

5. Has anyone bought DIY application packets? Are they worth the money? If you have one you'd recommend, please let me know.

6. To those recommending or have applied through lawyers - do you know a good (yet affordable?) one? The main reason I decided to do a self petition is because to me it doesn't seem like you get your money's worth. Most likely, I will have to draft the cover letter and rec letters because I don't expect a lawyer who doesn't know me/my work to do a good job at that. People posting on forums say the same, and a colleague is going through the same phase - hired a lawyer but they asked him to do the writing. At that point, is it really worth paying a lawyer? Or am I missing something?

7. Would any of you be willing to share your application materials? Mainly the cover letter and rec letters to see as examples. If you know any samples available online, please post links. I've searched but couldn't find much.

8. If you have any other suggestions, please feel free.

Sorry for too many questions and thanks a lot for taking time to help me
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