Posted by: neurologist December 1, 2018
The Nepalese Social Media Dilemma - Nirmala and Shrinkhala
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Undoubtedly, this is one of the most remarkable milestones in Nepalese Social Media journey.
In one hand we have an innocent Nepalese girl Nirmala Pant who was raped and murdered in a gruesome way, and the government is making the matter worse by seemingly ignoring justice. This is an issue of epic proportion not only because it undermines the safety of Nepalese girls, but also it points to the inactivity and reluctance of the government to do it's job of punishing the culprit. This is especially frustrating when there are so many loose ends of the case seemingly swept under the rug by the law agencies entrusted to uphold law and order.
Obviously the citizens are enraged and want justice for the Pant family. The Pant family currently stands for many potential families that can be hurt in future if we stand mute to the governments inaction, incompetent and corruption.
To make the matters even worse, the government is currently actively arresting people who are putting up posters asking for justice. It is a matter of pride for us Nepalese that so many common citizens are standing up for justice, demanding the government officials to do their duty.
In other hand, we have a beautiful and charismatic Nepalese girl Shrinkhala Khatiwada who has worked hard to achieve her goal of being Miss World. Her scholastic achievements have been stellar and her personality is striking and it would be amazing for this girl to win the Miss World competition. Not only would it put our country's name in good limelight, it would also open the path for Shrinkhala to continue her numerous projects in helping the underprivileged.
Coming back to the Dilemma! There have been a multitude of postings by concerned individuals who have expressed their frustrations at people who have shared Shrinkhala versus Nirmala. As human beings, it's perfectly normal for our priorities to be guided by our experiences in life. It does not come as a surprise that some people will share Shrinkhala versus Nirmala. In the same way, it does not come as a surprise that some people will share Justice for Nirmala versus Crown for Shrinkhala. It also would not be surprising for some people to share both.
Without any doubt, the murder and rape of Nirmala and the government's unwillingness to resolve the case is a bigger issue as it involves the humanely worse perpetration of rape murder, but having said that, it should not diminish any other efforts running in parallel. We have to continue to seek justice but at the same time we need to continue to work at things which will make our or other people's lives better.
Demanding others to prioritize their social media interactions on these two issues does however, point to an undeniable air of entitlement, which one should reconsider before appearing entitled.
Let's all come together in demanding for justice for Nirmala and at the same time support our girl Shrinkhala in the world stage.

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