Posted by: bakwaas_kura November 28, 2018
Our obsession with Nepalese achievement. Re: Shrin khala ki makhula
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Yes, we are constantly seeking for that gratification of being Nepalese by finding an idol who we can look up to so we can say we also come from the same country.

You might be, but I don't think everyone thinks the same way. I'm sure as hell I wouldn't introduce myself as someone from a country where XYZ became Mr./Ms. universe/galaxy or whatever. 
I'd rather say I'm from the country where Mt. Everest is, or from the country which has produced Drs like Sanduk Ruit and innovators like Mahabir Pun. Good luck to this young lady, hope she wins but no support from me, sorry. If people united like this when selecting their local community representatives and upper level politicians....
Good write up though. 

PS: Just thinking out aloud. Don't take it too seriously!
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