Posted by: lazyketa November 28, 2018
Our obsession with Nepalese achievement. Re: Shrin khala ki makhula
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neurologist, good write-up so i should be voting her or not . confused . so did you portrait yourself from your writing as well and while i am writing this, am i also doing the same - confusions

one thing what i have found about nepali in general is that we are probably the most "relaxed" ppl in the world (j khayo majaley pachauchhau) - we dont have big ambitions or big dreams in general. most of the time we dont care about others even we do kura katne and such but whenever and whoever is in need we dont hesitate to give our everything to help. we may be far behind rest of the world but attitutude wise, we - "nepali" are far ahead.

o btw, i purposedly used small case
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