Posted by: ehho2 November 22, 2018
पाच वर्ष को माया र अमेरिका को हरियो पत्ता!!
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How do u buy a 50 lakh car if you are starting from scratch in Nepal when avg salary is around 40k rs/ month? Only those ppl who are already from rich family or those who have inherited property such as Land can.
Otherwise it is is impossible. Even if you habe the money ,whats the use. You can't escape dust dirt and rude nosy ppl. If You are humble and honest they think you and dumb. If you are smart ,they think you are doing something illegal and at the end of the day they worship the rich ones and that's it. Don't forget why we had to leave in the first place. If it was such milk and honey why 50 lakhs are suffering outside in diaspora.
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