Posted by: sakumaku October 24, 2018
I485 Denied
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Seems like your wife is not US citizen, in that case yes, your I-485 was rightly denied. Illegal stay is forgiven only on USC spouse case not for LPR's spouse. If your wife is not an USC, it will be a waste of time trying reopening the case, off course you are free to approach a lawyer for authentic info.

Now going back to F1 status from TPS, you may but since you have already shown immigrant intent, CBP may give you hard time during US entry, my suggestion is try to file change of status (form i-539) from within US.

If you leave US, you may have difficulty entering back due to your previous immigrant intent, trust me it happened before and people were denied entry from POE. Do your own research and do not depend on incompetent lawyers.
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