Posted by: ANS October 17, 2018
Sending US born toddler to Nepal
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lovelysamu, don't send your kid to nepal. She need some special treatment and care, and that is possible in US.

1. When kids don't meet certain developmental milestones (including speech); it's some degree of autism.
2. Don't get alarmed with this A-word. Accept it. As long as parents are in denial mode, kid can't get timely 'intervention' and hence recovery.
3. Yes, Autism can be recovered. Almost all autism cases, with proper & timely intervention.
4. Autism is not down syndrome. Most parents don't know the difference.
5. Autism is caused by certain biomedical conditions. If your kids have Eczema on skin, night sleeping issue, does not point objects with fingers, sensory issues (closes ears on certain sounds), prefers playing alone, organises items in a straight line, obsession with wheels (or circular objects), etc, then you should be alarmed. These are symptoms of autism.
6. Such kids metabolism and immune systems are weak. Gut (stomach) is weak, and have gut related issues, e.g. digestion problem. Their body does not detoxify naturally, hence toxicity is build up in body and brain. This causes, all above symptoms. And other developmental issues.
7. Google or youtube search for "gut issues and autism" or "gut and brain" for details.
8. Cure or recovery from autism starts from "biomedical intervention" process. Some "wellness doctor" or "natural heaith and wellness" doctor can help. Toxicity test in blood (lead poisoning, mercury or other heavy metal testing) can help to identify the cause.
9. First step to recovery is fixing gut issues. -
a. Absoluely no gluten and cashin (dairy) in food food. No sugar or sweets. (Google for gluten/mashin free foods). Use non dairy (with low sugar) milk.
b. Supplement good quality probiotics. Best, make coconut water kefir (search youtube). Use good quality probiotics (one sold from "body ecology"), or get one with max strains (e.g. google "garden of raw 50 billions probiotic 32 strains"). Use that with quality coconut water (one from Costco is really good, Kirkland brand organic coconut water). Make kefir in glass jar. Feed the kefir regularly at least twice daily.
10. If you do that mentioned in step 9, kids start noticeable change within a month. They start sleeping well, eating well, play in group, and start verbal communication, gets potty training easily.
11. Initially, they start one word, followed with multiple words and sentences, with time.
12. It takes dedication, good effort and patience. It takes time. Within 2 to 3 years, kids with autism can be well recovered.
13. Most of the kids doctor won't believe in this treAtment for "certain reasons". Some "naturopathic" doctors, if found in your area, can provide guidance. Search Tylenol /antibiotics and it's effect in gut health. Use "homeopathic" alternatives (sold in CVS, Walgreen's).
14. Vaccines and it's controversy exists. (Search youtube for movie "vaxxed"). Some states permit opt-out of certain vaccines on personal/faith/religious region. Or certain vaccines (e.g. MMR) can be delayed until kids immune is well developed.
15. Learn "gut health" "effect of antibiotics on gut health" "autoimmune disease" "autism recovery" "probiotics and autism" - search these key words in youtube. Educate yourself for details.
16. Traditional therapy (speech or behavior) is worthless if you don't fix kid's underlying biomedical issues. It's kind of turture to the kids. You can not train a person to walk or run if his leg bones are broken. First fix the leg and then train him to walk.
17. Don't waste time. Earlier the intervention started, quicker the result. And, believe- you will get your kid everything normal back. Best of luck.
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