Posted by: Lovelysamu September 29, 2018
Sending US born toddler to Nepal
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I know Sabai jana lai mero topic dekhera ris uthe ko hola . Afno baby lai kasari eklai chodna sakeko bhanera. But I am sending her for the reason.My daughter is 3.5 yrs old and not talking yet. We had her check up several times here but doc find no reason for her speech delay. Her hearing is fine, no autism, she is very active all day . she also went to the day care for 1 year and she is having a speech therapy and occupational therapy since last 6 months without any improvement at all. So we decided to send her to Nepal with my parents for 1-2 yrs to see if she will progress there. So I want to know if you have any similar story? Or do you know any kids who improve with speech after sending Nepal?
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