Posted by: Sajha Classifieds September 1, 2018
Scam advisory - Please be educated about scams
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Dear Sajha Visitor

As with any online presence, there is a risk of being contacted by people with fraudulent intent when you post your classified in sajha or any other classifieds website(s).

This it to notify all visitors and potential and past posters in sajha classifieds that you need to be cautious in matters of trusting unknown individuals with regards to financial transactions when abnormal requests are made to deposit any money.

If anyone offers to send you a check that is bigger than the amount requested then do not deposit it. There has been many cases reported where scammers send you a check for a higher amount supposedly by mistake and they ask you to deposit the check and send a payment to someone else. This is a scam. Please be aware!

In order to protect yourself, always ask for proof of identity may it be personal video phone call and also get hold of individual's facebook profile to make sure that you are dealing with a real identity instead of easily becoming a victim of fraudulent activity.

Your security is important, and it is imperative that you keep a common sense safeguard to protect yourself from any kind of loss.

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