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Human life is a journey whose end is not in sight. Searching, longing and questioning is in our DNA. Who we are and what we will become is determined by the questions that animate us, and by those we refuse to ask. Our questions are our quest. As we ask, so shall we be exploring these questions:

  • How can I find a meaning, purpose, vocation for my life?

  • What can I know?

  • What ought I to do?

  • For what may I hope?

  • Is there life beyond death?

  • Whom do I love? Who loves me?

  • What curtails my freedom?

  • How can I escape from the constricting social, political, sexual, and economic myths that were imposed on me by my family and culture?

  • To what cause, ideal, faith may I surrender without destroying the integrity of my self?

  • What does it mean to experience the sacred?

  • How can I live a spirited life in a world dominated by a secular-technological-economic vision of reality?

  • How can we create a more just and peaceful world?
  • After all,What does it mean to be human?

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