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Posted on 06-29-12 9:12 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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The postings in this thread span 3 pages, go to PAGE 1.

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Posted on 07-02-12 8:44 PM     [Snapshot: 4294]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sha:Kha:, noone is glorifying this news.
I have read more news about the mundane american life being portrayed as success stories in nepali newspapers than the above kinds of stories. 

Those who claimed they return for the love of the nation will get disillusioned sooner or later atleast in the Nepalese context.
-> How can you speak for other people?

Sleepless, all your arguments are good; but my only question to you: is there any "value" other than paper money? Do you think that the person who got "educated" and "lived" in the western world won't have any impact on the family or the society he lives in if he went back with empty-pockets? Investment and money are important, but all of our sufferings don't end with having only money. We have many social problems, and the "educated" person can play important role in mitigating these issues.

Behoove_me, I'm a fan of your writing. I don't think the article is saying that the person deciding to stay in US is less credible. Why do so many are overwhelmingly/indirectly bashing them? You're right, nepali media/journalists write bullshit/fabricated stories many of times. Let's even forget about the people mentioned in this article. I don't think they're asking for more respect just because they returned from america. Your cousin seems to be a bad example. But aren't there many of the corrupted ones here as well? I read the other day the producer of 'muna-madan' took 10 lacs just for giving a ride to US. So, it feels good when I read the stories of returns regardless of their rich/poor status or their income or their grades.

Posted on 10-22-12 10:39 PM     [Snapshot: 5787]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 10-23-12 9:25 AM     [Snapshot: 6273]     Reply [Subscribe]
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RESPECT  to those whoever had shit load of education and did something back in nepal and returned back. i  think that they will not only do good for themself but for whole nepal also some sort of  favour by doing development in one way or another . nepal need more highly  educated intelligent and brainy or may be semi skilled ,  skilled and  people  with shit load of money for its being good and development  rather than pool of uneducated, drug addicts ,khate and others poor people  and its obviously why i don't have to explain  no offence
Last edited: 23-Oct-12 09:29 AM

Posted on 10-23-12 11:34 AM     [Snapshot: 6447]     Reply [Subscribe]
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the guy on the far right on the photo was a drug addict in the US and had a severe depression. he finally left because he could not take it. i am glad he is doing good.
Posted on 10-23-12 11:46 AM     [Snapshot: 6421]     Reply [Subscribe]
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There is really nothing absolutely great or not great about returning to one's home country. If you can make a better living there, can create opportunities for yourself there then certainly it's the best way to go. If not then one still has to make living and there is nothing wrong with making one's living in a non native country if the opportunities are better.

If one has chosen the path which leads to fields like banking, business, agriculture or hotel management definitely there are opportunities in Nepal. But if one is into nuclear science, physics, aerospace or sth that involves selective technical skill, Nepal is still decades away from it (perhaps not so much in IT industry) and so perhaps the only thing that will be left there for such people is to find a so-called highly respected job (if one is lucky enough, that will perhaps involve attending seminars, posing like a scientist and giving speeches and perhaps travel to different countries every once in a while.

My personal experience so far has been that education here does not teach so much more than what is taught in nepal (speaking about technical education) although resources here outweigh heavily the resources in Nepal to teach. The opportunities (esp in technical fields) definitely are incomparable. Doctors educated in eastern world have more advantage compared to ones who get their medical degree here in terms of time required and exposure.

Pay rate of an engineer in Nepal is far inferior to someone working in bank or one of those big name INGO's like ICIMOD and UNDP, it's not like that here.

So it's a matter of personal preference. Nothing absouletly   +ve or -ve about it. And at the same time money is not everything. Here it comes at the cost of having to stay away from family, festivals and culture..

Posted on 10-23-12 11:56 AM     [Snapshot: 6479]     Reply [Subscribe]
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And by the way if one really wants to land up with a job in bank or run an INGO, does he/she even need to come here for a degree? There are plenty of colleges in  Nepal where one can degrees  related to those fields. Or is it just to get a label of being a "PATRIOTIC RETURNEE"?

And life should not be only compared to driving a nice car and having a comfortable house. One should also see are you really doing what you are supposed to be doing or doing things just because one has to do it. So just follow your heart and forget the rest.

Posted on 10-23-12 12:23 PM     [Snapshot: 6537]     Reply [Subscribe]
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why is it so patriotic to have someone go back from US and contribute to unemployment rate in Nepal which is over 40%?

If all students from US will return back than there is no charm in US degree and there will be tough competition even for a 20,000rs/month job.And of course it will stop the income from US which the same set of students could have sent back home if they were in US.

People do not realise that our country does not lack talent nor does it lack graduates.Problem is economy of the country.

How will economy go up?

Bunch of People from US get back and suddenly they will start working in bank or agriculture and economy would boost.

Well i am sorry it won't go up and definitely doing a 9 to 5 job with 50000rs job won't do any good to the country because we all know biggest tax fraud in Nepal is committed by banks.They pay you such a high salary only to dogde the taxes.In a way if you are getting paid that money ur doing the same.

What we need in our country is enterpreneur  with money who can actually invest in Nepalese market ,not a US returnee who is starting from scratch.Remember we don't have gold in our country like US did to start a gold rush.Our country is entirely service and agriculture based country.We need people who can generate jobs that in turn will contribute to the country.

I do not criticize people who get back.It is your home country and you should get back.But go back with some motives.Try to go there and invest what you learned and earned in US.
I am sorry students at such a young age are not capable of doing so.

Posted on 10-23-12 3:08 PM     [Snapshot: 6751]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You said "Go back with some motives.Try to go there and invest what you learned and earned in US."
What do you think -returnees go back to relax in Nepal?  

Did anyone of you hear from returnees that they will revolutionize the country ?or did you hear from returnees they will go back and do something they want to do or do business or find job etc etc?

You said "And by the way if one really wants to land up with a job in bank or run an INGO, does he/she even need to come here for a degree? There are plenty of colleges in Nepal where one can degrees related to those fields. Or is it just to get a label of being a "PATRIOTIC RETURNEE"?  - who said for bank job and running INGO foreign degree is a waste?

Who do you think Kathmandu University started by? Aren't there some people who are teaching in colleges in Nepal with their foreign education?

Who do you think is Thamel.com running by? Who do you think Merchantile was started by? etc etc

Who do you think Bhatbhateni started by?
All those pilots? Where do you think they got education from and return back to Nepal to get killed ?

Who do you think took internet to villages? etc etc

So you think about revolutionizing or non revolutionizing?

सबै जना तपाईहरु जस्तै अमेरिका भक्त हुदैन नि Brother| 

If those who return are labelled as "PATRIOTIC RETURNEE"  dare the challenge and suffering they will face ahead from society. How long?
Those who did not return are "PATRIOTIC UNRETURNEE"  chained by materialistic things. How long?

Last edited: 23-Oct-12 03:27 PM

Posted on 10-23-12 4:43 PM     [Snapshot: 6896]     Reply [Subscribe]
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MNO you are sounding as if one really needs to be educated in western world to be able to do any enterprenural work in Nepal. Yes the ventures you mentioned might have been started by those with degrees from outside nepal. But there are plenty of people who got their degree in Nepal and are doing well too in those same things. I still consider myself educated in Nepal and have been working in a pretty competitive technical world here for several years without really finding myself inferior to some of my colleagues who have phds from some of the top notch colleges here in US.

I feel similarly about many of my friends from KU, Pulchowk and BPKIHS, who are here in US and are no less than (actually better off ) than who came here right after ISc (+2).

Dont underestimate the competitiveness of education in Nepal. It's a different story if you were a rich daddy's kid.

Posted on 10-23-12 4:54 PM     [Snapshot: 6903]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Genius look at the statistics,try and do the math in your head.This is not about being patriotic,this is about understanding the Nepalese bussiness market.
Look at the economy of Nepal.We do not have money to invest on our education and infrastructures where do you think you will get the money from?If there is no mango  tree in your garden where will you pluck the mangoes from and if you have no seeds how will you plant the tree for future?Get the seed from the market ,come back home and plant it.

seed is money
market is america
and home is Nepal

If there is no money on ur hand when you go back how will u do the business.
Money is limited in Nepal and unless you have some foreign investment,it is very tough to get the money out.
I am sure by business you do not mean running a store, are you?Because if that is what you want to do getting back than there are tons of such business man there.

America ko bhakta bhako hoina brother.Try and think if you go after 10 years of American experience with American dollar on your hand,don't you think it would make sense then.Surface ma kura bujera hawa taal ma batasiyera nepal gayera kehi hudaina.ultai desh ko lagi boj huna sakincha.

If you need an example.

D2 HAWKEYE Services.It employs more than 400 engineers.It was opened by a US returnee.But you know what, he had a vision on his mind and he brought an American investor with him.

Our country is not China nor it is India.Those countries economy is very big and hence they have lots of money floating inside the country.Hence people return and get the payback.

If you are really patriotic than do not go back and contribute to country's unemployment.There are 1000s of degree holders like you in line to get a job.you would be doing them a favour.Yes if you capacity to go back and generate the jobs for those degree holders than definitely you can be called patriotic.

Posted on 10-23-12 5:07 PM     [Snapshot: 6931]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I agree with Rahul.

Posted on 10-23-12 5:15 PM     [Snapshot: 6949]     Reply [Subscribe]
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totally aggreed with rahul but he has a wrong data of d2hawkeye.

He was forced to leave a job in nepal, so wht to do ? went for econmics degree and met a guy who has enterprenuial sprit, a doctor, in the gas station( i dont believe)  and looking for progarmmer, he being so shrew d that he said he has all the skill and

whtever its doing , doing good for him and all the nepalese programmer, hehe
Posted on 12-06-12 3:17 PM     [Snapshot: 7928]     Reply [Subscribe]
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No matter how much money you make in the US, you are just a common person you don't get any respect but in Nepal if you have money you get respect. Many people who go back are hungry for respect. You get respect in Nepal because the difference between the rich and the poor is enormous. There is something wrong about feeling good that most other people are worse off than you.

Posted on 12-06-12 3:28 PM     [Snapshot: 7942]     Reply [Subscribe]
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hare yo thotro post ma kati kura garira
nepchat bro timro mentality sarai ghatiya lagyo or i didn't get you..no offense

Posted on 12-06-12 3:41 PM     [Snapshot: 7996]     Reply [Subscribe]
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texasranger sorry if you could not digest the reality. Mero mentality ghatiya hoina, reality of people going back to Nepal is a little ghatiya. Nepal gayera shaan sanga, garib harulai pilsera afulai ekdam harip thanchan.

Posted on 12-06-12 7:48 PM     [Snapshot: 8376]     Reply [Subscribe]
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tyo ta thikai bhanyau..nepal gayera deshsewa garne bhanera ko janchan ra...sabai paisa ra power hune ta farkinchan ni yar
yestai ho bro..
Posted on 12-07-12 10:27 AM     [Snapshot: 8860]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Somebody above said there is no money in Nepal.Duh.
City People and Bank have so much money that they don't have idea where to invest.
Mosty invest in house and land. Look at your surrounding people your parents, your relatives, how much property they have. I guess richer than middle class US people. At least mostly nepal houses are paid off at the beginning.
Last edited: 07-Dec-12 10:47 AM

Posted on 12-07-12 1:38 PM     [Snapshot: 9067]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Good observation there. Most people who go back are ones who already have something for them back home like a well to do parents. I am yet to see someone who goes back to Nepal to start from scratch. 

One thing that bothers me is those people who return tend to say they want to do something for the country. That is gibberish, they go back because they want to do something for themselves. 

Posted on 12-07-12 2:24 PM     [Snapshot: 9102]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 lol ! This is not the whole truth 'n nothing but the truth.  The author forgot to mention how our petty lil' politicians favor their own party members and people who have handed them $$ under the table when it comes to appointing qualified canditates for their jobs.  When questioned, people who run our government they answer in a unified voice,"YO AMERICA HOINA."  So to paint this rosy picture is faar from the reality. 
Last edited: 07-Dec-12 03:06 PM

Posted on 12-07-12 5:02 PM     [Snapshot: 9232]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Out of these 4 students who returned how many of them don't have a house in Kathmandu?


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