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 "Nepathya" denied of Visa to US. No "Nepathya" concert in DC

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Posted on 05-20-12 8:49 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Despite all the advertisements from long time without assuring and confirming they're granted visa, all the hope is down the drain now. 
"Nepathya" has been denied visa to US stating "Derogatory Information".

The sad part is many people including myself had purchase tickets just because of the Nepathya Concert and now i don't think i'll be able to attend the event. Not only me, there are many people thinking the same way.

I am sure the young talents from DC have been doing hard work for this upcoming event but advertisement without Visa on their hand was not professional. We all know how US embassy is and no one can have guaranteed Visa.

I blame it to most nepali artists who came here for the event/concert and never went back !

Good luck for the SummerFest event ! Now the question remains, how is it different from ANA ?http://texasnepal.com/news/nepathya-denied-of-visa-to-us-over-derogatory-information
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The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

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Posted on 05-20-12 3:10 PM     [Snapshot: 813]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Amrit Gurung said " the blame lies with fellow artists who would rather flip burgers on an American sidewalks than perform with pride at home. For the sake of individual happiness of those people who stayed in America, I am willing to pay the price. 

Go to Baltimore, all artist there making sandwiches. They all want to have respect from us. They actually used Nepalese American organizers by not returning. 

My suggestion to Nepathya, try for ANA. Don't know if they will get visa after all these ANAs scandal. If they get visa,at least they will get their pride back.

For organizers, the lesson will be do not advertise before visa confirmation. I think they can apply visa 90 days before the actual program. 

Why they waited last minute. That is bad for organizers who did all this for a good Cause. 
Aba sabai Baltimore ka artist haru lai perform garna aijo bhan sitai ma. Ahile samma America ma basera tanna kamai sakyo hola ni. Aba ekdin ko lagi volunteer garna aijo bhane. 

Osama le garera sabai Muslim terrorist, Baltimore ka illegal Nepali artists harule le garera sabai Nepali artist badnam. God bless Nepalese. 
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Posted on 05-20-12 3:28 PM     [Snapshot: 891]     Reply [Subscribe]
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____ idk what is ur name but i give you one a$$hole. Amrit gurung is a man with whom we should be proud off.
All nepalese singer are commercial even 1974 ad but nepathya is only one who keep them outside of this. Of course they wants money too but unlike others they are more social.
Have you heard his album Ghatana?
Keep your oversmart idea out.of this an a$$hole
Posted on 05-20-12 4:42 PM     [Snapshot: 930]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Big fan of Nepathya band,
'Jomsomey bazaar' and 'chekyo chekyo' still feel like songs of yesteryear that kept us enchanted. I played few of their songs during my college days. To add more, I had even impressed few girls when I sang just few words from their hit songs back in the day.  It'll be understatement to not say enough good words about them.

But, after I read the press statement by Amrit Gurung, I'm little shocked. It's his responsibility to make sure that his visa has been granted for him and his band members and then he should have proceeded for all those organizer event and such. I was flabbergasted when they assumed that they'd get visa just like that after all these hype. Well, it's his and only his irresponsibility of which he is responsible. He, moreover, dared to justify of other artist's action little bit with humiliation about what they do and how they live in America. Work is work and just as he takes pride in his singing career, everyone here takes pride in working no matter what job they work.

I laughed a little bit when he challenged US embassy to go and search 'Nepathya' on google when he was asked about to do the same. They don't give that importance and you are just an average person walking on the street of some block in the US no matter who you are and what you do back home.
I think may be he should blame his team member or himself for section 214(b).
It's obvious that he failed to give proper information to interviewing officer.

According to US immigration office,
Is a Denial Under Section 214(b) Permanent?
No. The consular officer will reconsider a case if an applicant can show further convincing evidence of ties outside the United States. Contact the embassy or consulate to find out about reapplication procedures. Unfortunately, some applicants will not qualify for a nonimmigrant visa, regardless of how many times they reapply, until their personal, professional, and financial circumstances change considerably.

He could try again.

And, hell ya, I truly mean GOD BLESS AMERICA when I say it.

Posted on 05-20-12 11:29 PM     [Snapshot: 1443]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well, the people at Embassy were doing their job. Big fan of Nepathya, but c'mon Amrit.. we are aware of your prestige backhome and abroad in Nepalese community but it doesn't mean anything in US soil and to  US consular. This is the country where Henry Kissinger gets pat down thorougly, Rick Perry gets pulled over in his own state & Bollywood king Shahrukh Khan gets interrogated over and over again. Better luck next time.

Posted on 05-21-12 12:20 AM     [Snapshot: 1516]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I don't find anything wrong what Amrit Gurung has written on My Republica.

And if you believe the reason as it was said, then it indicates the how pathetic such even organizing  "Nepalese diaspora" in the States is in the view of the state.

In my experience the "officers" in " ........" or the people in the US streets really don't know (or don't want to know) there are other countries/systems/people which/who are better than the US. (About 3 years ago when I was not in the US I had read an article written by a famous American writer, who had portrayed the similar ignorance of people in the US). In my feeling they don't think that there is no other world existing.

May be there is city administration, CIA, FBI or so on so...but having lived here for a short period of time I knew there is nothing called a "system". Its not difficult to speculate why India and China are going ahead and why the US is in "jam".

I didn't find it difficult to understand how terrible the situation here is when a bank manager explained/suggested me not to trust a person next to you and take every person as fraud until you are sure otherwise, because there are so much fraud activities here.

Probably the best way for the US is to control the fence but not inside the fence. The fence becomes barrier to the decent people but may not be for the frauds as they know how to play with it.

One thing I knew is ignorance and incompetence prevails in many parts. Thanks to many hard working group and those in H1 , ..1, ..1 or so on so who are doing day and night sleepless job to make this country awake.

Posted on 05-21-12 12:34 AM     [Snapshot: 1537]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 If it was only the "real" band members (which includes a singer, 2 guitarist, a bass and a drummer) then it is unfortunate that this happened to such a well known band from Nepal. But if the team included the manager's wife, hair stylist, cheerleader and a chef, then I fully understand why. Nevertherless before you go pointing fingers at the consulate, we'll have to hear the real story from bothe sides, most importantly how many people did apply for the visa. Remember, Nepathya has a track record in the past where a band member did the same what Amrit is accusing of the "Baltimore" artist.If you do not remember, one of the guiratist of Nepathya disappeared in Japan many years ago, can't remember his name. So Amrit, as much we love you, please do not think you can bring the whole village with you. When they have travelled to US in the past with no problem, it makes you wonder why they got rejected this time.Hmmmm.
Posted on 05-21-12 9:40 AM     [Snapshot: 1823]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Don't know why would Mr. Amrit gurung vent his visa rejected anger to Nepali artists living in Baltimore; when he himself took a lot of money from people back in KTM, made them duplicate musicians of Nepathya band and took them to Japan who never came back. And vhoote is right Nepathya has a track record in the past where a band member did the same what Amrit is accusing of the "Baltimore" artist.

Posted on 05-21-12 9:47 AM     [Snapshot: 1851]     Reply [Subscribe]
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One good thing that came out of this is the term "Baltimore Artist" has been coined in the Nepali's American dictionary.

Posted on 05-21-12 2:42 PM     [Snapshot: 2029]     Reply [Subscribe]
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There are few here in New York too. These artist just lost all those valuable years pursuing after green card and spending all earned money on green card. Rather would have gone to some music school with those hard earned money to pursue dream. America jasto thauma ayera aba music ko degree naliyera tyo green card ko k matlab bhayora. you earned a sandwich degree.

aba hera sathi haru ho Nepal ma jati paisa pathaye pani pugdaina.
Last edited: 21-May-12 02:45 PM

जय नेपाल
Posted on 05-21-12 3:13 PM     [Snapshot: 2090]     Reply [Subscribe]
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सबैलाई थाभाको कुरा हो, नेपाली कलाकारहरु को कहानी. कलाकार भनेर आउछ, अनि यहि गायब. अलि कडा नगरेत नेपालका सबै कलाकार अमेरिकामा घण्टा हान्दै बस्छन. कलाकार हरुको नि दोस छैन. नेपालमा सधै बन्द हर्ताल, भात खान धौ धौ होला, कलाकारलाइ.
Posted on 05-21-12 9:03 PM     [Snapshot: 2325]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dear friends in Sajha, 
First of all, for those who have bought their tickets, we have already emailed you regarding the full refund and a free entry to the Grand Concert featuring Raju Lama (Mongolian Hearts), Diwas Gurung (Ayurveda) and Eugeneration Project. As for Nepathya's Case, we totally understand your reasoning and concern. We do apologize for it. Nepathya has been all over the world performing and has been to the US as well. We contracted with Nepathya in mid March after which we immediately started the visa process for a P-3 visa. Since we already have a contract with Nepathya, we had every rights to advertise Nepathya coming to US for Nepalese SummerFest. The P-3 visa from State Department got approved towards end of March. Nepathya had their Australia tour in April and they were in Australia until mid April. They applied for a visa date after they got back on third week of April. After their visa interview in first week of May, the Consulate held on to their documents for almost a week and then denied them. Meanwhile we did everything we could to make it happen. But unfortunately we just couldn't succeed.  We didn't build up the hype to cheat as the hype was all true until the visa was denied. Everything else besides the visa, which we have always realized to be an essential part, had been in place and that too was in the process with all essential documents from us. All of it. We went by the book. We would have never ever thought that a band like Nepathya's Visa would get denied based on their records and history. 
The US consulate rejected their visa under 214 b, and that's all we can tell you as that's all they have told us. No further explanation was given to us. What confuses me is how come unknown artists are given visa and Nepathya was denied? 
We are honest people and our intentions have always been to bring the best. We are sorry for so many heartbreaks, but we tried all we could to bring the best show for the Nepali community here in the US. We complied with all of Nepathya's demands and went above and beyond to bring them here to the US. Amrit dai himself posted this http://myrepublica.com/portal/index.php?action=news_details&news_id=35242
The recent track record of human trafficking from Nepal under different visas could have contributed but like I said we were told that it was 214b. 
I hope that with the programs and the execution we will be able to gain your support for next year as well. We hope to see you all at SummerFest. 

 Nepalese SummerFest Team, 

Posted on 05-21-12 9:08 PM     [Snapshot: 2331]     Reply [Subscribe]
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How about the airfair Mr ? Do you refund that as well ??
Posted on 05-21-12 9:47 PM     [Snapshot: 2399]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Give them a break.
Yes, it was a ill naive to advertise before a band gets the visa, but these guys are doing all they can to minimize the damage. Compare this to a big celebrity concert being cancelled last minute due to celebrity catching some serious flu.

Posted on 05-22-12 12:06 AM     [Snapshot: 2531]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 I thought Singers, Actors and Sportsmen got Green Cards with limited ease under "extraordinary talent" or something.... Maybe I was ill-informed. 
Posted on 05-22-12 7:29 AM     [Snapshot: 2667]     Reply [Subscribe]
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खै के हो, किन हो भिसा नपाएको ?? नेपथ्य ले भिसा नपाउनु भनेको त देशकै बेईजत् हुनु हो जस्तो लाग्छा मलाइ त ... हेरु ..

Posted on 05-22-12 9:28 AM     [Snapshot: 2764]     Reply [Subscribe]
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visa diyena ta diyena so what? move on folks, lot of other good bands in the lineup that will be performing in summerfest. enjoy to the fullest with the rest of the available bands. yeh it sucks that nepathya isn't gonna make it but it's not the end of the fkin world.
Last edited: 22-May-12 09:42 AM

Posted on 05-22-12 9:36 AM     [Snapshot: 2780]     Reply [Subscribe]
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हाहा चाउरे

नेपथ्यले भिसा नपाउनु सबै नेपालीको बेइज्जत हो| नेपालीहरु सडकमा उत्रेर नाराबाजी लगाई ताएर बालेर देशको लाज बचाउनु पर्यो|

यु नो वि नेपलिज कान्त मूभ ओन लोल

Posted on 05-22-12 9:48 AM     [Snapshot: 2839]     Reply [Subscribe]
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gara gara nepal banda gara, aru 8 din garyo bhane purai ek mahina banda huney world record in Nepal banda huncha kya re why not? hagda padda cherda mootda ni banda garna parcha bhaney yasto pop band lai visa na diney ta desh kai thulo beijaat bhai halyo ni gara gara babu nani ho arko 8 din nepal banda gara.

Posted on 05-22-12 10:00 AM     [Snapshot: 2810]     Reply [Subscribe]
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नेपथ्य ब्यान्डको नाम वास्तबमै चरितार्थ भो | अमेरिकनले उसलाई नेपथ्यमै पारिदियो |

Posted on 05-24-12 5:46 PM     [Snapshot: 3293]     Reply [Subscribe]
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If your reply was directed towards me, here is my answer for you
Only a$$hole like you can be proud of someone who tries to manupulate the system a$$hole. Running a band or being a singer is not a licence to manupulate other. May be it is difficult  for a a$$hole like you to understand this common sense.
and if your reply was not dirrected towards me, I am really sorry


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