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 SAN please block makalekancha !

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Posted on 10-08-11 1:57 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dear SAN,
I have been sajha user for long time , but now a days its full of negativity of this guy called makalekancha. There are other people like paulinadidi which defend themself with some wise words but this guy always use worst words and negativity on thread. This is making sajha polluted.
Sajha.com is always being freedom site. It support all kind of poeple and thoughts. We all users know that.
This guy blame doesnt mean sajha.com is bad. It was great site and it will remain same.
To open thread with hating some one and to open thread to spread hatred is different thing. This guys is just being mad at us without reason.
We can open threads with hating someone but we cant be mad at anyone and use very low languages and involve parents without any reason.
Freedom of speech is to talk what we want not to dishonour others without any reason.
Now i know he will come here and start saying me Maoist and use his negativity to discuss on thread.
तर माकलेकान्छा , मैले यहाँ तिमी सँग राम्रो सँग कुर गरेको छु , एदी मेरो परिवार माथि गाली बर्षाउन थालेउ भने , म तिमी लाई त्यसरी नै जवाफ पनि दिने छु , तेइ भएर हाम्रो कुरा मा परिवार लाई नतान है ।

Note : if you agree with my view  like this thread or comment , so that SAN will take some steps.
Last edited: 08-Oct-11 01:57 AM

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 10-08-11 10:03 AM     [Snapshot: 276]     Reply [Subscribe]
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mero naam alece nii bhojpoore kasto napadheko ta!!! sajha ko zombie re !! lmfao!! COTD goes to Bhojpure!!! school nagako bhaye nii kasaiko pariwar lai tero aama baba nii maros bhanera bhaan bhanna ta sikayenan hola nii bro!!! khaii haamilaii ta sikayena!!u know what!!! he is a [Disallowed String for - bad word]ing troll!!!!just coz most people donot respond or talk shit doesnt mean that we cant!!!! man i barely comment in sajha!! look at the way he has put his thoughts!!aawkat dekhincha bro!! so bhayaguta jasto ufreko bhana je sukai bhana!! i dont give a shit abt ur opionion too!!! @nepali eagle le sahi bhanyoo!!! vijilante!!! lol !!!astami gayoo !! kukur puja aaudai cha baru tesko puja gara timi!! ani alikait buddhi diyera nii aau anii public forum ma kasari bolnuparhca nii sikaideu baru!!! teso gare kaso holaa

Posted on 10-08-11 10:51 AM     [Snapshot: 304]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Maobaadi kukur haru kina ufreko ho kunni? Tiniharu ko naajaayaj baaau prachande le maobaadi bhaadaa ko tattoo lagayera pathayeka chhan ki kya ho yaha? Ki, prachande le timiharulai aafno chusayeko thiyo? Saale terrorists haru, kukur haru, sajha ma aayera thulo bolera kaslai tharkauna khojeko? Timiharu ko YCL gundagardi yaha pani chalchha bhanne socheko hos ki kya ho? Sapana na dekh saaale hijada aatankakaaari haru. Sajha ma kasaile kehi bolda kina ban garne ni?? Timi maobaadi kukur haru le bhaneko matra sabai kura thik ho ra? 
Posted on 10-08-11 10:52 AM     [Snapshot: 299]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ghaitumba brother, Read the thread and topic before you reply ! I am not supporter of Maoist Terrioism. We must opposed them and all war criminals should be punished to court. But the way he write is just as hell as their terrioism.
कोस्को पोस्ट मा फ्लाग गर्‍यो अनी माओवादी को बारेमा केइ बोलयो भने "तेरो  फेमिली मा कोइ मरोस " भन्न थाल्च। त्यो  नि  कुनै तरिका  हो  अरु को बोरोध गर्ने ? हम्ले उस्को के बिगारेको छ ।
Everyone knows we all sajha users are most of the student and most are out of Nepal who really dont have any relation with any political parties or anything. And I am sure ther is not a single Maoist Ladaku using sajha.com than why to come here with full negativity and use low level languages.
We are not here to get someones else hatred without any reason.
Maile usle bolyo bhanera birodh gareko haina brother , kasrai bolyo bhanera birodh gareko hu .
Timi buje buja natra timi pani tei dyang ko mula bhayera basa.

Posted on 10-08-11 10:57 AM     [Snapshot: 309]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@college, Yeuta kukur ko birodh gardai the , arko kukur bhukna aai halyo , Oi keta timi haru lai ramro sanga kura garna aaudaina ho?
Ani saleee, prachanda ko kaam chaina tai jasta , makalekancha jastaa aare bhare haru ko birodh garna paisa diyera manche pathaucha !!! taile jati yeha bhuke pani telle sunne haina bhuk bhuk.
Last edited: 08-Oct-11 04:46 PM

Posted on 10-08-11 12:01 PM     [Snapshot: 356]     Reply [Subscribe]
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i think makale kanchho is/was being quite too rude and offensive. it's good to express your disagreement or rage over someone, but only in a good way. was he banned? was he suspended? or is his account still active? whatever, i think sajha would be nice and clean without people like him. now that being said, some of you might say that i'm a proponent of maoists. but let me make it clear here that i don't support any political party as they all have raped us (Nepali) in one way or the other. do i hate maoists? yes i do as my family has been victim of their terrorism as thousands of other nepali families have. but i'm not like makale kanchha and others like him who use sajha to pour their rage. will describing maoists with all kinds of notorious and vulgar words solve the problem? I don't think so. but if it does, good for you - go and speak those words to Baburam or Prachanda, not here on sajha. You might feel smart or prideful to be able to say bad to others but you are doing nothing more that proving that you're an idiot. Please be respectful to everyone and stop being so agressive. It's not going to help anyone.
Posted on 10-08-11 12:19 PM     [Snapshot: 377]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@jantare1 :
iHearted!!!! makalekanche jasto manche le testo kura bujdaina!!!
Posted on 10-08-11 12:32 PM     [Snapshot: 377]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Jantare dai le mero man ko kura nai bhannu bho. Tara ke garnu dai jaslai bujhauna lageko telle bujdaina.
Posted on 10-08-11 12:47 PM     [Snapshot: 393]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Supressing the voice of a group is fueiling them.

I don't think Sajha.com or San or yahoo.com, google.com or GOD.com has been able to develop codes that restricts a person these days from expressing something on the intenet.

It's San's sheer foolishness to block the voice of terrorism victims like MaKalekancha.  Why would you supress a legitimate voice?  Only if 28million Nepali speak the language of Makalae, ICC will be forced to intervene in Nepal. 

I am sure he will come back with another ID, or blog about this Sajha.com's support for terrorism.  I agree with Kale, sajha entertains sex more than the burning topic of terrorism.

It is disgusting to see Sajha.com supporting terrorism.

Makale deserves a salute for raising his voice.  I'm a fan of him.
Last edited: 08-Oct-11 12:48 PM

Posted on 10-08-11 1:23 PM     [Snapshot: 426]     Reply [Subscribe]
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हैन ओ केटा हो , तिमी हरु लाई अरु ले लेखेको पढ्न मन छैन भने के खान अरु को थ्रेड मा रिप्लाई गर्छौ ह । हम्ले यहाँ माओवादी को प्रचार गरेको नि हैन , बिरोध गरेको नि छैन , केबल बिरोध गर्दा अली राम्रो शब्द को प्रयोग मात्र गर भनेको !
अब चै मेरो नि पारो तात्न थालयो , म पनि तल्लो स्थर मा झरेर बोल्न परे जस्तो  छ । किन कि यिनी हरु लाई राम्रो मुख ले भनेको त सुन्दै सुन्दैनन ।

Posted on 10-08-11 11:45 PM     [Snapshot: 556]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ta kukur kina tala jharera bolnu paryo? ta kaun saaa maathi chhas ra huh khaate? Tero aukaat k chha kukur ko chhoro??? Saale YCL, Nepal ma sojo janata lai tharkako jasto socheko chhas ki kya ho kukur? Maobaaadi ko puchhar, bhada ko tattoo...Saale khaate ko chhauro tero baaau Pracahnde (teri aamaa ko naatho) le talai paisa nai diyera yaha maobaadi ko prachar prasae garna pathako ho bhanne kuro ta pakkai bhaisakeko chha. Tharkaauna khojeko taile??? Ramro mukh le boleko sundaina re, ta bataaase (baau ko thegaan nabhayeko) le tharkaayera ko tharkinchha bhanne socheko chhas? Teraa kaiyau maobaadi baaau haru holaaan, but tyo kura aafaimaa raakh, yaha aayera tharkaauna khojera kohi tharkine waaalaa chai chhaina, bujhis?
Posted on 10-08-11 11:59 PM     [Snapshot: 567]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ha ha dude , you remind me Buhari of old nepali tele films , who used to use bad and worst languages to scold others. I know you dont have any nice logic and way to discuss on topic so you are using bad words and low level way to discuss. Its not your fault, its your family background where you grew up. 
Good night brother
Posted on 10-09-11 12:17 AM     [Snapshot: 591]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Dude, Talking about the family background, lets first emphasize on urs. Being a terrorist (born and raised in jungle), you are not aware of who ur dad is. This imminently caters you to the fact that your background (family) is ambiguous. 

Now, I can talk a lot ( and I mean it, a lot). Been and seen lotta stuffs in sajha as well. If you want to go on for a healthy discussion, I am up for it. Please do not invite any of ur YCLS in course of such discussions. Thanks and have a good night too.

Posted on 10-09-11 12:28 AM     [Snapshot: 602]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You must be kidding me right?? I am up for Healthy discussion re , ha ha ha . nahasana keta sutna de malai . Tero comment herda lagcha taile 4-5 barsa bhai sako america maa kaale haru sanga baseko . lol
Last edited: 09-Oct-11 12:29 AM

Posted on 10-09-11 12:36 AM     [Snapshot: 612]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Taile pani na hasaaa malaai. 4, 5 barsa haina fuche, 11 yrs bhayo. Ta fuche chai kati bhayo huh? Khub khokirako chhas ta. 
Posted on 10-09-11 12:47 AM     [Snapshot: 620]     Reply [Subscribe]
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There is nothing wrong with voicing against any political parties and especially against atankabadis. Someone has lost their family and it won't go away that easily.
@kalekancha u r just wasting your time shouting. Come up with some convincing and better stuffs. Most of the people who never lost anyone in their family have already forgotten what happened back then. I always feel that those family who lost someone never got justice. Now, it is like a slap in the face when they walk free claiming to protect human rights. It just frustates me to know that one of them, BRB is nation's last hope.
Posted on 10-09-11 1:00 AM     [Snapshot: 634]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Lagcha 11 barsa agadi aayera hami mathi gun nai lagako ho ! ha ha.ma ako 17 barsa bho  bujhis. thula lai adhar garna sek keta.

Posted on 10-09-11 2:07 AM     [Snapshot: 670]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 let's host a wrestling match, everybody wear a mask with ur sajha username in it and choose ur opponenet. Let's see yaha talai yo garchu ra tyo garchu bhanne jatha-jathi haru le aafno birodhi lai k gardo raicha.
Posted on 10-09-11 2:31 AM     [Snapshot: 691]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ arko kancho i was thinking the same. Sajha is also becoming like wwe. Feuds, dramas and lot more.
Posted on 10-09-11 4:54 AM     [Snapshot: 727]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 10-09-11 8:29 AM     [Snapshot: 790]     Reply [Subscribe]
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America aako jati barsha bhaye nii buddhii ta testaiii rahecha nii hahahaha

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