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 General Katuwal
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Posted on 06-10-10 4:46 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yesterday's posting was lost.

He seems to be very bold and ambitious and has already started to talk like a politician. I won't mind voting this guy.

Posted on 06-10-10 5:53 PM     [Snapshot: 65]     Reply [Subscribe]
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He is person with mind (diplomacy) and guts. This person should be prime minister to control bloody maoists.

Posted on 06-10-10 6:02 PM     [Snapshot: 73]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nepal has no future until all the people rise for the alteration of thugs misleading the nation right now.

Posted on 06-11-10 12:40 PM     [Snapshot: 316]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Khoi yo video recording garney manche-le edit garnu na-jaanera aadha aadha answer matra suniyeko ho ki Katuwal-le nai dui-tarfi answer diyeko ho, thaaha bhayena.

Tara, I applaud whoever put together this program.  We need more of these interactive sessions with Nepal's leaders.

Posted on 06-11-10 1:23 PM     [Snapshot: 362]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Video editing is jhoooooor.

Posted on 06-13-10 5:20 PM     [Snapshot: 566]     Reply [Subscribe]
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He is a good orator than any present politicians. If you listen him indifferently you will find  logical points. 

Well; instead of rise for alteration people are blended with them (thugs) " survival is the fittest."  Ethics are limited in books only. 

मेरो झड्केलो छोरो हो कि जस्तो लाग्छ यो ठिटो (NayaNepali), बडो झुन्डीईरहेछ म सँग, DNA ले प्रमाणित गर्‍यो भने स्विकार्य छ मलाई। 

Last edited: 14-Jun-10 09:45 AM

Posted on 06-13-10 5:50 PM     [Snapshot: 599]     Reply [Subscribe]
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hahah syanjali ta critics pani raicha.....

Posted on 06-14-10 10:45 AM     [Snapshot: 820]     Reply [Subscribe]
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सोल्टिहरुले कटुवाल भजन गाउ न किन छाडेको? अझै  अझै  धुप हालौँ न। 

BTW चोर् औंला देखाउँदै भुकेको सुन्दा, अहिलेका जनरलले हैन, कटुवाल आँफैले अहिले सेना हाँकिरहेको जस्तो सुनिएन र? अर्मिले के गर्न खोजेको हो र अब के गर्छ भनेर determine गर्ने , आँफै authority जस्तो गरेर यसरी बोल्ने जायज हो भने, कटुवालको धर्मदाई ज्ञानेन्द्र ले "राजतन्त्र गयो भन्नु hypothetical हो" भन्न पाउने कि नपाउने?"

Posted on 06-14-10 12:44 PM     [Snapshot: 866]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Looks like some fags are suffering from severe constipation.

As for some pakhandi, thanks to the greatness of wiki

Constipation also known as costiveness[1], dyschezia,[2] and dyssynergic defaecation[2] is a symptom[2] of infrequent hard to pass bowel movements.[2] Defecation may be painful, and in severe cases (fecal impaction) may lead to symptoms of bowel obstruction. The term obstipation describes severe constipation which prevents passage of both stool and gas. Causes of constipation include dietary, hormonal, anatomical, as a side effect of medications (e.g., some opiates), and poisoning by heavy metals. Treatments may include changes in dietary habits, laxatives, and enemas."
Last edited: 14-Jun-10 12:51 PM

Posted on 06-14-10 12:49 PM     [Snapshot: 869]     Reply [Subscribe]
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कटुवाल भजन गर्दा, खातेहरु धुप ले डरेर मर्ने पो हो कि?
Last edited: 14-Jun-10 04:19 PM

Posted on 06-14-10 1:13 PM     [Snapshot: 881]     Reply [Subscribe]
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While I was in College: New students from remote were groomed and allured by these अनेरस्वबिउ.  99 percent of them were tangled within the first lesson and they were instructed not to listen other party and not given any books to study about different political system and thoughts. Who ever were in political science their views may be slightly changed rest were the same as the first lesson and that is the dose they get over and over. 
I see the same trend here too. No one should agree on completely but must be able to get the good one. So with Katwal, other than him , No one will be agreeing with him 100 percent. 

As I said, He is a good orator and speaks clearly not  like the other party Leaders and he is consistent on his views. 

Can you give us a good reason why we need to put these maoist  in army ? They did not fight for the Nation but for the Party only. Most cadets got money from UN and the money forcefully taken by Maoist will sustain their cadets for another 4-5 years. They need to go back to their home and do the living as normal people are doing. Why we have to give them preferential treatments.  And in each and every village all the rotten people are maoist and still looting the citizens. 
Grow up, step further from the first lesson otherwise you can not listen even the healthy comments. To develop it you must overcome from the your first lesson ( abc of communism). 

Posted on 06-14-10 1:30 PM     [Snapshot: 907]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Kattuwal bata desh bikash hune bhaye 50 barsa agadi nai
hunthiyo, huttitau le akash adayeko kura, ra kattuwal eutai ho, he is thinking
hero, he is saying I have stopped Maoist or what or what, a general who can't
protect his own master, King Birendra and who was sold by money with other
criminal, king Gyanendra and finally trying to get ticket from Nepali
Congress  can't be idol, if he was good person, being honest to the Nepali
government he should resign from the post, then he might be idol. He helped to
flourish Maoist giving wrong idea to King Birendra, killing him, giving power
to Gyanendra, stripping him again, giving wrong idea to at least honest Mr. Ram
Baran Yadav ( I think a only honest guy to entire Nepali Congress), they are more
flourishing Maoist, not declining.

Posted on 06-14-10 2:11 PM     [Snapshot: 930]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nepali congress, they are like republican, party of reach and elite people.  Girijaa is gone but he could have done more than what he did. I think he is the one who flourished Maiost. Because in the name of maiost got aids and funds were misused. 

Wanted to be the first President of Nepal, he was lured by Maoist and become puppet dreaming to be the first President of Republic Nepal. Try to franchise NC to Koirala" party. 

Last edited: 15-Jun-10 08:24 PM


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