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 All Muslims are Terrorist

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Posted on 05-21-10 2:42 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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TGIF fellaws,

First of all i do apologize for such misleading title. But the reason i wrote such deceptive title is to grab attention of the people for this thread.. I didn't mean to say anything against the muslim religion..

Today i just wanted to know the opinion of my Nepalese friend, about what do they think about this specific religion "Muslim".

     On April 19, 1995, Timothy McVeigh destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building, which shattered the dreams of hundreds of Oklahomans.

     On Sept. 11, 2001, a terrorist group connected to al-Qaida, hijacked jet airplanes and crashed them into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, which is still fresh in the memory of thousands of Americans.

    Attacks like these take place across the world all the time, and they change the lives of humanity.

    No matter whether it’s a small attack or big, one of the first things people ask themselves is whether it was a terrorist attack.

   After assuming it is, people start making hypotheses about which religion, race, community or country the terrorist belongs to.

   For many, the first thought that comes to the mind would be Muslims. Most of the people around the world still have so much hatred toward this religion.

   If a woman is seen wearing a burqa — a traditional Muslim all-covering dress — in public, people look at her in a suspicious way. If a group of people speak Arabic in a public place, people stare at them. If a guy named Muhammad is in the airport terminal, he is most likely going to go through the special security check.

   After 9/11, this kind of issue increased tremendously, especially within American society.

   People still think that terrorism is in the blood of Muslims, which is absolutely wrong.

   Just because a certain group of Muslims became terrorists is not enough to accuse all Muslims in the same way.

   Terrorism doesn’t come in any skin color, religion, race or ethnicity.

   We can see white extremist groups here in America too. Recently, nine members of the Hutaree Militia, who called themselves Christian warriors, were arrested in Michigan. They were preparing for the end of time battles to keep the testimony of Jesus Christ alive...

    Just because followers of Jesus Christ committed such activities doesn’t mean that all Christian believers should be accused and treated as terrorists.

   The same principle applies to Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists too.

   Anybody can commit a crime regardless of which religion they belong to. Crimes don’t come from any particular religion, ethnicity, race or color of skin.

   People need to be more open-minded in terms of religion in order to prevent these kinds of activities in the community. Education about religion and culture is the best way to get rid of all those negative thoughts.

   This will help not only Muslims but also Americans, who want to know more about the Muslim culture and religion.

   The hatred toward Muslims will go away only after people get to know more about them.

   No religion tells its followers to kill people or commit crimes.

Abraham Lincoln said it best: When I do good, I feel good; When I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion.

  The reason i posted this article is because i always have a discussion with one of my brother who is so anti muslim that for him, every muslim is terrorist and extremist.. He thinks that Muslim are born to kill others.. I don't understand why he have so much hatred towards this religion but i wish i can make him convince that no religion is bad in itself. It depends upon every individual how they take it..



The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 05-22-10 12:49 AM     [Snapshot: 546]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Excerpted from "The meaning of The Glorious Qur’an" translated by Muhammed Marmaduke Pichthal, and published by Idara Isha’at-e-Diniyat (P) Ltd., New Delhi.
Surah XXI, The Prophets, 98: "Lo! ye (idolaters) and that which ye worship beside Allah are fuel of hell. Thereunto ye will come"
Surah II, The Cow, 221: "Wed not idolatresses till they believe; for lo! a believing bondwoman is better than an idolatress though she please you; and give not your daughters in marriage to idolaters till they believe ...."
Surah VIII, Spoils of War, 65: "O Prophet! Exhort the believers to fight. If there be of you twenty steadfast they shall overcome two hundred and if there be of you hundred steadfast they shall overcome a thousand of those who disbelieve, because they (the disbelievers) are a folk without intelligence"
Surah VIII, Spoils of War, 39: "And fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is all for Allah..."
Surah IX, Repentance, 5: "Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. ...."
Surah IX, Repentance, 23: "O ye who believe! Choose not your fathers nor your brethren for friends if they take pleasure in disbelief rather than faith. Whoso of you taketh them for friends, such are wrong-doers."
Surah IX, Repentance, 28: "O ye who believe! The idolaters only are unclean. So let them not come near the Inviolable Place of Worship after this their year. If ye fear poverty (from the loss of their merchandise) Allah shall preserve you of His bounty if He will. ..."
Surah IX, Repentance, 123: "O ye who believe! Fight those of the disbelievers who are near to you, and let them find harshness in you, and know that Allah is with those who keep their duty (unto Him)."
Surah XXXIII, The Clans, 61 "Accursed, they will be seized wherever found and slain with a (fierce) slaughter."

Last edited: 22-May-10 12:49 AM
Last edited: 22-May-10 12:50 AM

Posted on 05-22-10 12:38 PM     [Snapshot: 720]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Californication: I don't want to correct you because you are not wrong??? You're absolutely right in your logic. Now let me put mine..

You've said,"even though muslim are minorities they have created violence.. do not go further just look at INDIA muslim are minorities still they are creating enough violence..  look at Russia... muslim are minorities  still creating violence." Let me tell you at first that i am not BRAINWASHING you or anybody here in this platform. I don't think i can do that either because this is just a forum where we express our ideas not that we drag somebody vote our opinions....  

Californication, at this moment i remember one song "fulko aakha ma fulai sansaar, kada ko aakha ma kadai sansar" by our very own nepali artist Aani Choying Dolma.. You said don't want to go further and gave the example of INDIA, so what do you think about our very own country Nepal?? We have lots of muslim minorities in Nepal too but so far we haven't faced any situation where muslims creat any violence. In fact we Nepalese were against muslims when 13 people were killed in Iraq few years ago.. What do you think? Why Nepal has been target for muslim where our neighbouring country INDIA is facing lots of problems from them??? It's because we are the only country were four different religion hindu, muslim, christians and buddhist exists in mutual understanding.. We accept them and their culture.. We never say anything against their god and their religion.... Do you think India do the same, hell no?? It's because India is pretty much conservative when it comes to the religion, that's the reason muslim and so called terrorist muslims, don't like them...

Californication, every individual, religion, society, state and country has good as well as bad things.. No body is perfect in this world.. Though i haven't read Quran yet but so far as my knowledge i do agree that there are some negative things in Quran too, for example: Muslims think that Allah is the only god and this earth exists because of him..They are so into this thing called Jihad and are ready to kill their own child in the name of Jihad.. which definitely is bad too.. I am not supporting those points.. Let me ask you have you read Geeta, our holy book?? Though i haven't read all but i have at least read half of the book and it says whole lots of things about sex in Geeta. In Hindu religion Sex before marriage is regarded as a great Sin and so does in other religion too. Though it says whole lots of things about sex in Geeta but in a country like ours and India, couples hesitate to hold their hands or kiss each other in a public place.. I am sure you've noticed all those sculptures that are engraved by the sex pose in basantapur, bhaktapur and patan ares. In the same temple where our gods and have a leisure time guys and gals cannot stay under the temple and hold their hands..My apology that i scroll the topic and take it to the different thing but that was just an example to show that everything as their good as well as bad points.. LIke the way muslim religion and some bad points, our religion do have some bad stuffs tooo..

I liked your example of mexican and i do agree that FACT IS FACT...We cannot change it by shouting or screaming..But when you said that All muslims are not terrorist but majority of them accept violence... How did you know that majority of them accept?? Do you know how many percentage of muslim like violence? So does that mean your best friend also like violence?? Muslims have the largest population in this world buddy?? So lets say in 10 million muslims if one million accept violence, can we say that majority of them accept it because comparing to hindu and christian the number of muslim is high???  We being a hindu cannot compete with muslims when it comes in numbers brothers???

Well Californication, i am not an advocate for muslims but its just that i feel bad when my brother or somebody say all muslims are terrorist because don't you feel the same when some christians say something about your religion... So thats the case buddy....

Last but not the least, I don't know how long you've been here in U.S or you might be in Nepal too but may be you are in a state where no Nepali people work in a gas station... Because i bet you 95% of Nepalese here in U.S knows about this topic. May be you fall in one of those 5%, if that's the case, mu bad... Walekum Salam and Allahfis....


Posted on 05-22-10 12:45 PM     [Snapshot: 733]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I dont know what are you talking about the "150  Innocent  killed by  Muslim in Air  India  Fligh.t.............?  ENOUGH  IS  ENOUGH!!!!!"

If you're talking about the people killed last night in plane crash that sorry buddy, you've got wrong information...It was not a terrorist act it was a plane crash which happened because the airplance overshot the airport's hilltop runway... Well if you want to edit and delete that post, i would appreciate.. peace...


Posted on 05-22-10 12:49 PM     [Snapshot: 739]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Simply let me ask a question: Why majority of Nepali like to name "DHOTI" to Indians and why an Indian like to name "BAHADUR" to any Nepali gentleman.

If you analyze and get answer , then you will know why people looking at them as terrorist. 

Posted on 05-22-10 1:13 PM     [Snapshot: 760]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Syanjali bro, these are just those kinda topic where, the more you debate the more logic will appear, but we just expressing our views, we are not debating here.. But nice example though...
Posted on 05-22-10 4:33 PM     [Snapshot: 806]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Love your enemy and they will be your friends- Hinduism
Love your enemy - Buddhism
Love your enemy - Christianity
Eliminate your enemy from your path - Muslim

This fundamental difference of idealism is making a big difference...heaven to hell

Posted on 05-22-10 7:42 PM     [Snapshot: 838]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Where do the 72 virgins come into the picture in this debate? Can someone enlighten me?

Posted on 05-22-10 7:46 PM     [Snapshot: 840]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Boule, I really got bored with your long long description.

Try to make it short and with strong points. You are debating with all and saying that u are just putting your views lol.

May be you have someone Muslim in ur close relation so you are aginst that tag to them but they are acceptional to only few. I am afraid now may be in next few years we will see nepali jihadi (you)  trying to bomb the times square lol.

One thing you to tell u as u said to Californication , FUL KO AANKHA MA FULAI SANSAR ; that means all those innocent people killed in 9/11 in NY , 4/11 in Mumbai, just few days before in Karachi are Terroist thats why they got killed ?

You can change your view dude but not the whole world. You can keep your view yourself but don't try to change the world.

Allah hu Akbar

Last edited: 22-May-10 07:47 PM

Posted on 05-22-10 7:48 PM     [Snapshot: 847]     Reply [Subscribe]
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No one can enlighten anybody, it is you and only you can do it. It is the truth.

Posted on 05-22-10 7:56 PM     [Snapshot: 855]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Syanjali dai , u just got the word I want to say.

I have best friend from so called low cast but i can't ask my 70's grand mum to have dinner with him.

Boule, keep your thought with you and tell us when you are planning to visit Pakistan lol

Posted on 05-22-10 8:05 PM     [Snapshot: 860]     Reply [Subscribe]
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के यो उखान यहाँ उपयुक्त हुन्छ ? आमा आमा तिमीलाई त गाउले हरु बोक्सी भन्छ्न नि ? हुन्दे छोरी जस्को सोचाइ जती छ तेतिनै सोच्न सक्छन , हाम्ले के भन्ने ?
Posted on 05-22-10 8:42 PM     [Snapshot: 866]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Americane, now you are exactly behaving like my a**hole brother who is soo against this religion..I am not trying to change you or your view towards this religion, I am just wanting to know what do people think about this subject but sorry to say that until and unless people like you and my a**hole brother have such a negative attitude, nothing can be done.. I liked the example that you gave, the one of 9/11 and mumbai too, my great sympathy and condolance towards them. I know it was not their fault.. But some group of muslim terrorist done that attack, so does that make all the muslim terrorist??? I am not saying that majority of terrorist are not muslim, but what i think is not all muslims are terrorist... I bet you've watched My name is Khan, didn't you?? So what do you?? Is it good to accuse an individual just because his name is khan or mohammad.. Prove me if i am wrong on this???

american, don't be afraid i am a true hindu but i respect every religion. I dont mind going to church or mosque either but i will not change the religion because i am faithful to god doesn't matter bishnu, allah or jesus... Well if by any chance if i change the religion and became muslim also i am 101% sure that i won't blast bomb in times square because i don't think quran says to kill innocent people either..

talking about my close friend is muslim or not??? Thats pretty personal question, i don't think it's good to reveal that in public page...

P.S. If you think my post is too long and boring, than you are most definitely welcome to leave this thread and join some other thread. Thank you for your nice comments and suggestion.. khudahafis...

Posted on 05-22-10 8:50 PM     [Snapshot: 881]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Syanjali, मलाई तपाईंको उखान मन पर्‍यो तर साथी अर्को उखान चै म भन्छु , काग करौदै गर्छ पिनाश सुक्दै गर्छ । तेसैले americane र मेरो घर म बस्ने बुद्धी नबह्एको भाई जस्ता मान्छे को सन्कुचित सूचै को लागि केइ गर्न सकिन्न ।
Posted on 05-22-10 9:00 PM     [Snapshot: 890]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Awesome NAS ; I like your post for the first time lol

Here is one from me

Posted on 05-22-10 9:26 PM     [Snapshot: 911]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nas, I also thought about that, I watched 100's of videos about that so called inside job. But its like who killed King Birendra, never gona open secret.

I just got picture and post it.

Posted on 05-23-10 5:41 PM     [Snapshot: 1108]     Reply [Subscribe]
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आउनुहोस् NAS सरकार । अब हजुर एेक्जन महान मान्छे कै कमी थियो एस धागो मा । त्यो पनि पुर भयो अब । स्वागत छ यहाँ लाई । हजुर को आगमन ले यो धागो नै एेक्दम महान भयो । धन्यवाद ।

Posted on 05-23-10 11:26 PM     [Snapshot: 1244]     Reply [Subscribe]
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how can man can do that to man !!!!! its non human and more cruel than animal. And this is because they were taught by their GOD to do so.

I never learn in gita and ramayan to kill someone like that.

boule, one day u will realise that too. nothing to say!

Posted on 05-24-10 2:43 AM     [Snapshot: 1315]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nas, as you said , we used to do that before many years ago but not now !!

But Muslims are still killing people like 100's of years ago!

their cruel life can be seen on the way they cut animal, which they call halal , killing animal by taking out their skins !! sh*t i cant imagine that

Posted on 05-24-10 2:44 AM     [Snapshot: 1318]     Reply [Subscribe]
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here how we do

Posted on 05-24-10 2:47 AM     [Snapshot: 1319]     Reply [Subscribe]
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here how we do !


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