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 nepali artst in the international arena!!! help him !! vote

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Lochan Rijal Music nepali
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Posted on 11-21-09 10:57 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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लोचन रिजालको उतारचढाव

लोचन रिजालको लागि यो वर्ष निकै कष्टकर रह्यो केहि महिनाको अन्तरालमा नै उनले आफ्ना मातापिता गुमाउनु पर्यो एकातिर यति विशाल पिडा छँदैछ भने अर्को तर्फ संगीतको लगाव कम हुनै मान्दैन चार वटा हिट्स एफएम म्युजिक अवार्डसले सम्मानित लोचन हाल काठमाण्डु विश्वविद्यालयमा Ethnomusicology अध्यापन गर्दैछन् उनले www.worldsings.com मा आफ्नो गीत "चिप्लेटी" लाई प्रतिस्पर्धाको लागि दर्ता गराएका छन् उनको गित मन पराउने जो कोहीले पनि सो वेवसाइटमा गएर उनको गीतलाई विजयी बनाउन सहयोग गर्न सक्नेछन्, जस्ले उनलाई 10,00,000 अमेरिकी डलरको पुरस्कारको लागि छनौटमा पर्न मद्दत गर्नेछ उनको विषेश गायन शैली भिन्दै खालको सांगितिक रुचि भएका गीतहरु अचेल अमेरिका स्थित रेडियोहरुमा पनि बजाइन थालेका छन्

Vote and help him be an international artist..............

source----  http://www.hitsfm.com.np/music_updates.php?id=75

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 11-21-09 10:58 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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guys help!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted on 11-21-09 11:45 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am always against of this kind of campaigning, where people supports certain candidate, if he/she belongs to certain community or country or region. Because of this kind of campaigning, the person who have a best talent but belongs to small community or country or region cannot come above.

But in this case, I always think he has a talent and also like the style of LOCHAN RIJAL and his singing.

I request all of u guys to vote after listening his music, if you guys think it is worthy to get your vote.

His Myspace Page: LOCHAN RIJAL

Song listed in world sing: Chipleti

And this is the link where you can vote him

Posted on 11-21-09 4:19 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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seriously guys? do you think he has talent?
Let someone with talent win. Vote only if you really like....
I am not voting for him..

Posted on 11-21-09 6:50 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thank you CHOR, i mean guccha chor

You did what you think is the best.

I have clearly mentioned that, please listen to the video and only vote if he deserves it. Thats the reason i embedded the video over here.

About his talent
he was the one to break the record by winning 4 awards in Hits F.M music award 2062 for "Best Composition (Pop), Best Composition (Rock), "Best Vocal (Pop)" and "Best album of year for his album Coma".

and it should not be fluke


Last edited: 21-Nov-09 06:50 PM

Posted on 11-21-09 7:24 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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People should not comment nonsense when they have entered the unchartered territory. I've never heard about Mr.Rijal in my life before, but I can tell you the "Chipleti" is awesome, sounds very edgy, unique and new. I'll call that a Indie (not to confuse with India or Indian) type of music from Nepal. He has talent of course. The 2nd song seems just like the rest of the Nepali songs, which we get sick and tired of hearing growing up, has becomes stale (nice to hear and sing when you're drunk Narayan Gopalish type of song), no creativity. If u feel we should stick with the same old rut, then you can perhaphs enjoy the new releases from Bollywood incase you think Nepal is running out of talents. Personally I'd like to see more of Rijal's music, more like Chipleti. Keep it up.

Now, where can I get his CD?

I just voted. All the best.

Last edited: 21-Nov-09 07:30 PM

Posted on 11-21-09 7:24 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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An appeal for freedom from all the hassles the country is facing right now. I liked the song. Music video could have been better.
My vote for him.

Posted on 11-22-09 9:40 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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thanks for posting the video and his my space page.
just click to his myspace listen to his music and appreciate his talents.
first listen to his songs and if you like them vote for him.
the vote is not for lochan it is for nepali music.
guys go ahead...

Posted on 11-23-09 8:31 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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vote plz,
for the shake of nepali music and nepali artist!!!!!!!!!
he has got 114 so far.
Last edited: 23-Nov-09 08:35 PM

Posted on 11-23-09 8:44 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Seriously, where is the talent??????? If this talent won four hits fm awards, I can imagine how were rest of other competitors!!!!!! Do not mind to vote because he is nepali, but seriously do not ask to vote for his talent.
Posted on 11-23-09 10:49 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thank you sachokura

for expressing you sacho kura.

Now I am expressing my sacho kura

"बुज्नेलाई श्रीखन्ड नबुज्नेलाई खुर्पा को बिड"

I have asked all of you, "DONT VOTE only because he is NEPALI"

If you think if he deserves it then you can vote for him.

Posted on 11-23-09 11:05 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Talent हँ ? Let's not be hypocrites. Let's support our Nepali artist!
BTW, he is one of the new talents in Nepali Music Industry. I personally like two of his songs; "Chandrama" and "Bato." If you want to hear, here are the songs-

Posted on 11-23-09 11:18 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thanks for sharing the video. I am definitely voting. I had heard about Lochan Rijal but dismissed him as another wanna-be sugam pokhrel kinda guy but am pleasantly surprised. I did not expect a talent like this in Nepal. So I googled him and heres what I found out:
He is an ethnomusicologist, doing his PhD in ethnic music. He was in US for a while doing part of his research in UMASS.
He plays a number of instruments including guitar, drums, tabala, dhimey and get this sarangi!!!
He is the front band of Looza(from Robin and Looza)
He heads a music school and music research centre in Kathmandu
He is a lecturer in ethnic music in Kathmandu University
He was related to music, song composition, music production of many of the famous singers and bands like including Nepathya and has been in Europe for taking part in international folk festivals
He keeps a relatively low profile.
He is known in the Nepali music circle as a musical genius
I went to his myspace page and heard his song. THIS GUY IS DEFINTELY TALENTED and he deserves to be voted. His songs are not all about maya and mayalu and NOT for people who like regular Nepali pop. This particular song is beautifully composed with amazing harmony between guitar and what sounds like sarangi. Simple and perfect. He just might win this contest with and without your vote, just on the merit of the composition and lyrics of this song. So those of you who want to vote, good for you. We ought to promote real, genuine, talented Nepali musician and artist like him and not some wannabe who rip off American pop music.
oh and  where can i get his CD?? 

Posted on 11-23-09 11:23 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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One of the reasons I say to people/musicians who really want to *compete* or get mass popular votes. Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Regardless, I like the sophistication in his music. Well composed and well sung too! It is off the hook and I consider myself a connoisseur of Music! You get my vote!

Posted on 11-23-09 11:52 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 i think you like" Pardeshi Pardeshi jana nahi" or "tere naam" so you will never understand the music, composition and the lyrics of Lochan. 
Run after some pathetic hindi movie and say," that is what you call music". when a true nepali artist trying to get some fame just say that he has got no talents.
you are out he does not need your vote and don't dare to vote..
Lochan is also a goodwill ambassador for UN Poverty eradication for nepal.
In India the same position goes out to AR Rehman. not Anu malik or Himesh you dumb ass 
Nepali maan cha nepali music ko criticize matra hoina pragati chahanu huncha bhani you will just need 5 minutes of your time. come on guys vote for him...
WE need a lot of support as the first one has 916 votes and lochan has 117.
A DHOTI at no 4.
come on we can do it!!!!!!!!!!!
lets get united and stop pulling legs like our netas!!!!!!!!!!!
Last edited: 23-Nov-09 11:56 PM
Last edited: 23-Nov-09 11:57 PM

Posted on 11-24-09 12:02 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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All the Nepali Actors are voting for him!
Common guys!

Posted on 11-24-09 8:23 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Mind-blowing...You got my vote too... 
Posted on 11-24-09 9:44 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Chipleti is pretty cool song.. not only b'coz of Lochan Rijal's singing but also overall composition and music.. In my opinion Hari Maharjan (previously with Nepathya now Hari Maharjan Project) also has done tremendous effort with guitar and music arrangement for this song.. he should also be given equal credit for this song.. Lochan has got some serious talents but its upon him how he carries it.. I hope he won't be singing much stereotype mainstream nepali pop songs..

my +1 vote for him.. all the best !!!

Posted on 11-25-09 11:45 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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116 so far. more needed..........
Posted on 11-26-09 10:04 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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i thing sajha readers are not much intrested in nepali music. when i posted the link there were 112 votes for him now there are 117 so the only help is from 6 people. so funny!!!!!!!!!
Posted on 11-26-09 11:04 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Its not the talent. Let the real talent win the competition. Do not campaign in Sajha. I am not against the singer. Someone compared this guy with AR Rahaman, which  I think is equal to compare Sujata with Sonia Gandhi. Not relevant at all. 

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