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 Driver's licence renewal: help
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Posted on 05-28-09 10:49 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hi all! I am a F1 student who graduated recently and am awaiting EAD card approval for OPT. My driver's licence is expiring soon and the EAD card is nowhere in sight yet. I went to the local dmv but they refused to renew my licence and forwarded it to the state office for further evaluation... Now i'm awaiting their decision but am freaking out..what if they decide not to renew it till i get my ead approved? My I-20 clearly states the date of EAD application and the supposed date it should be valid till but then it also exclusively says that it's awaiting approval. The school wrote a letter stating that i;m a student there and blah blah and that my opt is awaiting approval. they're naive regarding such problem and ofcourse don't have much to offer for help.
I'm sure at least one of you in here must've run into such situation. Can you please share how u solved it? I can't afford to lose my driving privilege. I've travel plans before I start working...
i tried googling, didn't work.


Posted on 05-28-09 11:00 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Before your driver's license expires visit a local AAA card membership office and try to get International Driving permit. Tell them you are traveling overseas for a while (expected time for your OPT EAD to come through). Call them before you go there though. I think that should be a short-term solution at least.

Posted on 05-28-09 11:10 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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If that driving permit does not work, another option might be to get a license from a state where proving legal presence is not required.

Note that:
International Driving Permits
Although many countries do not recognize U.S. driver's licenses, most countries accept an International Driving Permit (IDP).  IDPs are honored in more than 150 countries outside the United States.  (See AAA’s application form for the list of countries).  An IDP functions as an official translation of a U.S. driver's license into ten foreign languages.  These licenses are not intended to replace valid U.S. state licenses and should only be used as a supplement to a valid U.S. license.  IDPs are not valid in an individual’s country of residence.

Posted on 05-28-09 11:43 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I just called AAA. they're saying that the International Driver's Permit needs to be carried along with a valid US license. If my US DL isn't valid then my IDP would be of no good.
so i guess i won't be able to use it. thanks for your help though.
if you have any other ideas lemme know!

and what do you mean by state where legal presence not required? is there such state? is it NY?

thanks again.

Posted on 05-28-09 11:55 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Find a state convenient to you where getting a driving license just requires you to prove your residence in the state via a mail showing your physical address. For example in the Eastern US,  the state of Maryland (for now I believe) does not require you to show your unexpired visa on your passport/I-20 to get a driver's license but just that residential address. There are other states as well that are lax about it.

By the way, which state are you in right now?

Posted on 05-28-09 12:04 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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If nothing else seems to work, "fall in love" with a Pakistani taxi driver till that EAD/OPT arrives.
Posted on 05-28-09 12:15 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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There are like 7 states that do not require proof of legal status to get a license. It's fairly easy in MD if you have place to live or a friend. Many years ago, I simply exchanged my out of state license for an MD license. There was validity in my license though. If you go to the Glen Burnie MVA in MD it is most likely that your driver's license will be renewed with proof of EAD application. Remember it should still be your right to get license because you are of legal status. Do not take "NO" for an answer and explain why you should get it renewed. Otherwise contact your attonery general and open a case. Depending on state laws they'll decide your case. Some states are very particular. All the best.

Posted on 05-28-09 12:23 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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it's good to know that MD is lax about it.i'm in PA now. might be moving to md pretty soon. have an offer here at pa but am waiting for an offer in DC. i will be moving there if i get the job.
but for now i'm staying put at the current address. i'll probably have the EAD with me in a month or earlier. proving residence takes a month or 15 days at the least i'd guess and  my DL expires before that. i just wish they could grant a renewal based on the fact that the i'm eligible for Opt and my school has approved it. i'm still in status...don't know what their problem is.
it's just horrible that i won't be able to drive in between. how can they expect us to stay home for the period and hibernate...

thanks TM. you've been very helpful

Posted on 05-28-09 12:32 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hey ugrad02, can u suggest a quick fix for proving residence? proving residence isn't it something like having your bank statements and utilities sent to the address? how would you do it in a real short period? if it's doable in a week i'd give it a shot. i have somebody in md who'd let me use their address.

Posted on 05-28-09 12:54 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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For any upcoming bill/statement or previous statement preferably something like that of your cell phone account or bank, you can have it sent to your new address in Maryland and you can go from there.

You're welcome and good luck.

Posted on 05-28-09 12:59 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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i am from DC metropolitan area. everybody here gets their licence from MD since all you need is proof of adress and some other papers like passport. Proof of status is not required in MD . Since you already have licence so you dont really have to worry about it. If you can use somebodies adress then you are all good. You dont need to move here.
Posted on 05-28-09 7:27 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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there u have it. I think they ask for two official first class mail like bank statement, or cell phone bill. All the best.

Posted on 05-28-09 8:17 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ask your DSO to give concern DMV a call and make him/her ask DMV why the heck letter written by DSO not beeing accepted coz if DSO says that F1 student is on status than there shouldnt be any problem. I had one frn who made DSO call DMV and very next day the letter they did not accept was accepted.   

Try your luck


Jai nEpal

Posted on 05-28-09 10:41 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am glad that I am one of the member of sajha.com. I really appreciate all of your valuable suggestions and comments which are really helpful to the Nepalese commmunity. Keep it up guys.
Posted on 05-29-09 9:16 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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thank you all. i did ask the DSO's assistant to research on it and will ask him to call DMV if necessary. if all fails i'll probably go the MD route. i'll keep u posted.

thanks again!

Posted on 05-29-09 10:09 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Question regarding SSN, it will have written some thing on it, is that will be an issue to bar providing DL?

As other suggested, get your name on someone's utility bill or phone bill, have your bank account mailing address transferred to new address, have some credit card or other email received in new address before you go to MD's DMV.




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