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 Press Trust of India (PTI) says Makune is of Indian Origin

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Posted on 05-11-09 12:51 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ethnic Indian Madhav Nepal may become next PM

Kathmandu, May 10 (PTI) Madhav Kumar Nepal, the top CPN-UML leader with ethnic Indian origin, has emerged as the party choice to form a coalition as the president today asked the parliament to chose a prime minister to end the political deadlock in the country.
A central committee meeting of the Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist-Leninist), the third largest party in the Constituent Assembly, has decided to form a consensus government.

The 56-year-old veteran communist leader of ethnic Indian origin, whose forefathers came from India, could become Nepal's next prime minister, taking over from Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda.

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 05-11-09 4:47 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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haha only makune of indian origin? 95% of nepal's leaders are ethnic indian origin. only tibeto burmens (mongolians )  are indeginous people of nepal. dont forget to study history of nepal..blooooodiiii tossers.

Posted on 05-11-09 5:42 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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tibeto burmens (mongolians ) ??? no brothers they are also not indeginious as many believe, THEY TOO ARE MIGRATED AS A NOMAD FROM CENTRAL CHINA AND MANGOLIA. READ THE HISTORY!

As for bramhins, they belong to indian subcontinent. origin is definately indian for that matter but if we say that, then ASIF ALI JARDARI is also of an Indian origin. those moron who wrote MAKUNE of indian origin has a hidden intent, no wonder!

Posted on 05-11-09 6:16 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I  do agree with you kanchu even mongolians were migrated as nomad from central china and mongolia but before those tibeto burmens' (gualas) arrival who was the ruler of nepal ? was nepal a noman's land ? my personal perception on first come first serve basis mongolians people of nepal have the right to claim they are the indeginious people.

Posted on 05-11-09 6:26 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I do agree with you kanchu but if we look at the history nepal was noman's land before those mongolians' ( gualas) arrival. my personal perception on first come first serve basis they have the right to be indeginious people of nepal.

anyway god bless nepal in this political 'pearl harbour' catastrophic situation.

Posted on 05-11-09 9:31 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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funny thing is bahuns aka gulas (as per kanchu and georgian_satellite's definition) last names matches with current indian last names such as -

pamdey, mishra, bhatta, dixit etc. but mongolians last names do not match with any racial last names.  have u met a chinese or japanexse whose last name is limbu, magar or gurung?

and gulas became leaders and look where is nepal now??

Posted on 05-11-09 10:01 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Big slap on the Bit&^es who were in favor of Indian interventions in Nepal. You can disagree with Prachanda or Mao party without licking greasy indian balls...can't you??????? Those pathetic loosers who dance on Indian tune don't even know that when they are dancing on their tune they are erasing their own tune.

Mongloids are certainly more ethenic to Nepal than Chetris and Brahimin. They are probably as ethinic as Tharus in Terai. Most Chetris and Bramins are believed to be migrated to deep mountains of Nepal running away from Muslims in India around or after 14th century.

But on the contrary, just becasue your anchesters migrated to Nepal later than the other tribe doesnt mean that you are less of a Nepali than them. Chetris and Bramins are not less of a Nepali than a Tharu, Magar, Gurung or a Rai.

And lets be honest, Chetris and Brahmins seem to be ahead in politics and teachings because that the profession they chose in generations as opposed to fighting for another country for money through generations. Back in the days those fighters did not even know who or what they were fighting for. Some went on killing the enemy at the sound of a whistel and didnt even need to learn the language off the battle ground.

And lets grow up, quit blaming races for having bigger influence on some aspects, Newars and Marwadi like doing business and they are good at it, Bramins and chetris like being a beauracrat, politician, and a teacher and they are good at it, and mongloids are good at fighting for another country for money and they are good at it.

The professions are still open for you. if you want to Quit fighting for another country for money and want to become a politician, a teacher or a beauracrat in Nepal, i think the doors are open for you to walk in and venture. But dont expect anyone to bring you the post without any hard work on your part just because you look like you deserve the post.

Peace out !!!

Posted on 05-11-09 10:14 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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well said! sidster 100% agree

Posted on 05-11-09 10:22 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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This is a shame topic to talk about. If makune being a Indian origin no wonder Brahmin's origin is from India then What about dahal? Please do survey the ancient map of india which shows Nepal region into two region One is Nepala and one is Kirata. Well myself being Coming from Khatri family the traces could be found in present Pakistan, Rajesthan and around the Nepal. What does it make? am i Indian?
lets say The indo burmese tribes and many monoglians origin from northern and southern china makes then Chinese. Same on you...thanks you god i went to school where all the cast was same and we use to share of lunch box along with playing together. I use to get invited to my newari friend birthday and other events along with Mongols and Aryans. Now this is big issue....hope our education is not that worst teach you about all this stuff. If you had a teacher in school from brahim and chettri origin then you avoid it. you will say i want to discard this education coz they taught me..

Same on you guys ....breaking our unity
How can i forget my Rai Sir, Ale miss, Yadav Sir, Chamling sir, Tamrakar Sir and more.........................if you start talking like this this is disgrace to our teachers. I lived in Nepal for more than four years now but it makes me think why should i don't grap my chances to oversea rather than getting this crap on my head...
I love you Nepal but this people make me think that my migration to Canada was not a wrong move.

Posted on 05-11-09 10:54 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Of course the reporter might have noted his home district while writing the piece. It appeared as a big news item in papers including the Times of India.  That's ridiculous.

Name matching need not necessarily be limited to some castes as some intend to say here. This one is interesting.


Posted on 05-11-09 10:56 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Here we go again. WTF Does it matter where he is from or which ethnic group he is fromALL THAT MATTERS IS THAT HE HAVE THE BEST INTENTIONS FOR NEPAL AND NEPALI PEOPLE.


Posted on 05-11-09 2:03 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Should blame to all those dirty political parities (gadha haru) who broke harmony in Nepalese family and society terming them as Congress, panche, maoist, UML, bla bla bla .... Nepal was a peaceful country .... where is that peacefulness now? Think intectual Nepalese people! Those politicians only disintegrated Nepalese in the name of political ideology. The broke societies, cultural harmony, family harmony!

The gadha politicians ...they care only their political ambitions and post in government.... they never cared for Nepal... This is the fact which we should understand!

It sucks to hear about news from Nepal. Nepal is governed by street protests now! This is the fact we all Nepalese should understand by this time!





Posted on 05-11-09 2:19 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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When will we rise from this ethnic issues?
Most of the contributors of Sajha and this thread are living in United States which is being ruled by African American man, with outright majority. All of you living in the country wich has gone past that phase should have seen outside the box atleast.

All of you need to learn what has ethnicity and race to do with the politics of the nation. Its not doing any good. The earlier we get away with this issue, the better it is for us.

As for me I do not care who rules the country, may it be so called Madhesi, Pahadai or Himali or from any caste background. The constitution has given power to anyone with Nepalese citizenship to fight the election and run the country if he/she wins.

I believe in democracy and the constitution of the country. No costitution is crap, its the people who understand is crap. Everyone blames the leader for everything.
No electricity.... Government responsible..... How? ..... There is no water in resorvior.... how will there be electricity????
No water.... Government responsible... How? ... The rivers are dry.... our resorvior are too small to store water from long.
No supplies.... Government responsible... How?....  There are people blocking the highway... how would the government bring the supplies.
Madhesi on power..... Government responsible.... How? ... Madhesi makes 40% of the total population in the country... so why wont they be on power

I know government has an indirect role in that but.... there are a lot of factors in it. Not just the government.....

Posted on 05-11-09 2:42 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Say no to divisive agendas within and outside of Nepal. Divided we fall...
Posted on 05-11-09 3:03 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I think the paper is absolutely right by saying Makune as Nepali leader of Indian origin. When they themselves work for India, it does not matter whose origin is what. Not only Makune, but all leaders including Girija, Prachanda work for India, and operate in Nepal on India's directive. So, they are basically Indian irrespective of their ancestral origin.
Posted on 05-11-09 6:13 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Cant agree more with ctal. But the issue here is why the Indians are happy with Makune and officially labeling him with their origin. Why didn't they labeled other PM, for example Prachanda as of thier origin. Thoughts?
Posted on 05-11-09 8:33 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Brahmins are also different types. The hill-brahmins resemble more of people of iran and afghanistan with prominent nose and sharp facial features. whereas, some other brahmins in nepal do not have as sharp of a facial features.

Posted on 05-11-09 8:48 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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President Obama is Kenyan.

Does that even matter?

Last edited: 11-May-09 08:49 PM

Posted on 05-11-09 10:55 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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congratulations to all

Aishwarya Rai forefather was from Taplejung of Nepal and moved to India later. It is great to see Nepali Origin bollywood queen daughter in law of Big B is our pride.

Amitab Bachan ancestor origin of Kailali of Nepal is the superstar

Aamar Singh of politican of samajbadi party of India is actually a origin of Nepal's Palpa district from Bajan. He is actually the thakuri of Nepal

Lata mangeskar origin of Sakheni located at the district of Dolakha is the queen of Melody in India

Man Mohan Singh is also the thakuri origin from Nepal

Lalu parsad Yadav is also a Nepali origin from Nepal

Kim Sharma Indian Actress is also origin of Banepa

should i give more example.....so it makes you all happy by breaking our nation.
Last edited: 11-May-09 10:55 PM

Posted on 05-12-09 3:31 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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my dear friends, " the truth has habit of revealing itself, the rumour has habit of spreading itself and the lies just disappear". the rule of whites(apartheid) in south africa and rule of aryan(including shaha dynesty who are originally from persia modern iran) in nepal is historically similar. South african blacks suffered so long and mongolian people in nepal are suffering even longer. "suffering breeds character, character breeds faith , in the end faith will not disappoint, you must not." The true history of nepal is lying underneath landslide of lies from outsiders. once that is revealed the storm of political change in nepal is inevitable.when the changes come even hiroshima and nagasaki bloom.

Posted on 05-13-09 1:39 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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shiiit is happening in napal

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