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 clarifying everything - 2

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Posted on 03-17-09 11:57 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sajha viewers,

This is Priyanka Karki again. I was reading all the comments and threads that were related to me and my performance at the University of North Alabama. It really broke my heart to read everything that was written!!

First of all my sincere apologies to everyone who have been hurt by my act. Being just 21, there were a couple of issues that I could not address with intelligence and truly from heart i would like to say 'I am sorry'. After all I am only human and human beings do make mistakes.

When Global Culture Night happened in The University of North Alabama, I was firstly approached by the president of the Indian Student organisation to do a performance. He had told me to 'dance in a Bollywood number'. So actually I did not have a choice. I rather took it as a platform to showcase my talent and did not realize the issues and questions that it would raise later.

Nothing was intentional and I am really sorry to everyone whom I have hurt. I love my country and I always will. We have Global Cultural Night on April 18th 2009 again and this time I promise I will make all of you proud by my performance.

Straight from my heart, one last time 'Sorry everyone' and Thank you Nas for your immense support.

Priyanka Karki
The postings in this thread span 3 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 03-18-09 4:35 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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If I were Priynaka, I would not be generating any thread because I would have followed the rules"let the dog bark".  

I may be wrong but I think she may be enjoying free bublicity, who does not. If so Enjoy it.

Posted on 03-18-09 4:38 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I guess global nite in states means same as in Europe may be 10 yrs back. The different culture and different cuisines. I remember taking part in one of those Hindi song with crew as they didn't have enough people and one Hungarian girl and 1 Indian dancing in song " aahca lekin london ko chiso le saamula". The same thing went with the food as well. The south Asian helping each other to make their food. Even in Nepalese Nite, We had some Indonesian, German and Maltese helping to making Nepali food.

I am sure it was not only a Nepali Nite.

For the Putin if you know well...............who is behind the politics of Russia. Dimirty is placed by whom?

Yesto sanyo sanyo kura ma dherai tanab lenu thik haina mitra. Lets not act like Chapamars

Posted on 03-18-09 4:43 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 18-Mar-09 04:44 PM

Posted on 03-18-09 5:10 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Jet ,
I've no intention to start another long debate with you.
Here's the scenario, she can do anything she wants, sing a Swahili song, dance to Timbuktu with her personal life. Now everything so far is assuming this whole drama happened during the International festival, if not, then we have no business what she does. We all have passion for something that is NOT Nepali.The whole concept of a multicultural festival wraps around the display of the uniqueness and authenticity of the culture which they represent. If she volunteered to represent Nepali, she has an obligation to present a Nepali-NESS, be it a Tharu dance, Sherpa, Newari, Maithali, Gurung and many more. Yes, I do speak a little bit of Spanish and love it, hell I can play pretty decent flamenco too. But I'm not that stupid to go and sing in Spanish at a multicultural festival representing Nepal, it simply is not fair. My selfishness and love for Spanish is not the common practice for the majority of Nepali population. If I do it, I'm simply selfish. Now to impress fellow Nepali over some beers during the weekend with my Latin spirit is a whole different story. Had it been some ignorant Nepali back home, things can be said differently, but this was a college student.
It's not about pride, patriotism, arrogant, it is about simple truth. We have our own unique culture,songs and dances that can identify our nation, we're not talking about our Bir gorkhali attitude. We are not the only one, every nation fantasizes some aspect of another culture. African love Chinese Kung Fu movies (I've a Kenyan friend who can speak fluent Mandarin), some Africans are addicted to Hindi movies, Japanese love everything American, Koreans adore and hate Japanese at the same time, Jamaican love country songs after reggae. It is universal. But when it comes to represent their uniqueness, they draw the line between their and ours. Nothing wrong with that.
If the logic that we watch Hindi movie all the time and this case should not be different, then the Indians should be singing a English song at the same show. They might speak English all the time, but when it comes to represent India, it is alwasy Bharartnityam, Bhangra or Raga. We are simply following their good example to present our own uniquness. No need to hate them like some here do.
Jai Nepal.
Last edited: 18-Mar-09 05:56 PM

Posted on 03-18-09 5:44 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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malai euta kura bhanna maan cha.

Jaha samma priyanka ji le
garya kura cha tyo kunai khas thulo kura hoina. She is 21. I know she
loves Nepal and she is considerate enough to apologize here in sajha if
she have had hurt anybody unknowingly.  Yo kura ma ta priyanka ko ta
tarif garnai parcha. She deserves a big thumbs up.

  Tara aja
Nepali neta haru le (neta as budo as 80 years) India gaera india ko
neta haru ko jay jay garda khai ta sajha ma kasaile bolya. Yo kura ni
dhyan rakhu sathi ho.  Priyanka bhanya ta sano manche , she will make
awry decisions here and there which is expected. Just because she is
kind of celebrity  she makes news.  But in case of our politician ,
praising india is almost taken for granted. Politician like Upendra
Yadav has openly said that he loves Hindi lanuguage more than Nepali in
television . But then I am sure nobody cares about Upendra yadav.
Posted on 03-18-09 6:08 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I apologize if it hurt your feelings, for one, I have no intention to start an argument with you. I am just responding to the entire mass who believed it was stupidity of Priyanka to dance in that number. Besides, having coming across the profound analysis you have shown in your reply, I wish all other sajhaites were as effective critic as you. I did not reply to this thread to counter your answer, please believe me. It was more of a generic reply for all those who were giving her a hard time.


Dancing is a difficult act, not everyone can dance, and for a zero-agility person like me, it is harder than climbing Everest.  Priyanka did not exist to me few hours ago; I had no idea bout her miss-teen stint or her background as an artist. I just appreciated what I saw, and for the love of god she dances terrific. Again, I reiterate - dancing is an arduous task, and her precision perhaps came out of frequent rehearsals which would have been difficult to alter at the last moment were it a number from ‘Maitighar’. Do I want to see her dancing in Nepalese number? Of course I do, but what she manifested on stage was a pure art, in a specific number, in which she was unarguably good at - seemingly a result of practice over weeks if not days. In an ideal world she would dance in a Nepalese song and would be equally good at it, but for some reason it did not happen. It was a mere dance, not a deliberate faux pas by our dimwit vice p(enis)dent. If we endured him, we might endure her as well. I agree her dance could have raised few brows and some thumbs down. But it is not such a grave issue that should be blown out of proportion.

Posted on 03-18-09 6:16 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Rewire and jet_favre are both arguing. But they're arguing about their opinions, which ironically, is exactly the same : Miss Kari should be free to do what she wants without people judging her.

Posted on 03-18-09 7:18 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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k6..i think you got it wrong.
she's free to do what she want in her everyday life, but if she step up to represent a group of people, she should do what is COMMON to the group for the best interest of the group, what the group want, and NOT what she want.

Posted on 03-18-09 7:49 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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you guys are so full of shit.....DONT U WATCH BOLLYWOOD MOVIES???? so she danced to one SO WHAT!!!!! ....in nepal what is most popular BOLLYWOOD OR KOLLYWOOD..also Nas bro admit u r in lv wid her......WHY NOT??????
Posted on 03-18-09 7:56 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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As I am also one of a cultural show performer, rather I wold like to dance in Bollywood Tarka... Priyanka ji tapai ko dance ta dami thiyo tara... tehi ho chitta nabujhne kura chahi cultural show ma Indian geet ma nachnu bhaeera... but never mind I think that was ur first cultural show....

Posted on 03-19-09 11:31 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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No problem Nas. Good luck with the music video. Hope to see it soon.
Posted on 04-02-09 3:31 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Priyanka Karki,

Follow your heart and do the things you enjoy. If you start thinking about how your actions are going to affect people then you'll lose the essence in life. Your dance was not hurtful or anything, a hurtful thing would be the bandas called in Nepal everyday by different political parties yet no one makes an issue out of that.

From what one can see your dance was very gracious and all the respect and keep performing.

Posted on 04-02-09 3:55 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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38 posts and 2200 hits for a useless topic...

Much ado about nothing!
Posted on 04-02-09 4:57 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I have a question for all of us. If there is a program at school in nepal there is a hindi dance, if there is program at any new year or dashain party there is hindi song. Can you give me any example where there is no hindi song played anywhere in US. Everywhere I went on nepali program I saw nepali dancing in hindi song. I don't know 100 % of nepali polulation understands hindi but 95% in tarai and 70% in pahad area understand hindi. I think tarai has more then 60% of population of the country.

Now, we watch hindi channels in most of the big cities like KTM, Pokhara and forget about tarai cities. We didn't have nepal tv but we had durdarsan on old days. We always used to watch hindi and we still watch hindi in tarai.

So, you life is influence by hindi on every aspect of nepali people life. If govt should stop hindi channels or movies in nepal or you have to accept it.

Its my personal opinion. If someone blames me about this I will accept since first movie I watch was not nepali , it was hindi. First tv program i was not nepali, it was hindi too. Even I can't speak fluently I can understand clearly.

My bad guys.

Posted on 04-02-09 5:05 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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One more,
Does any have any problem Manish Koirala dancing in Hindi songs and any one has problem Udit singing hindi song??

Posted on 04-02-09 5:09 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I donno why we are paying so much attention to this when there are lot of other important issues. I think she has apologized in public and thats a brave and smart thing she could have ever done. Please do not make  great deal out of it. And if it was all about this patriotic crap .....then please stop this nonsense and ask yourselves WHAT YOU HAVE DONE FOR YOUR COUNTRY instead of pointing blame on others..

Posted on 04-02-09 5:17 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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priyanka, change ur caste.....put some indian caste that suit u.....u r no more a nepali.

Posted on 04-02-09 5:21 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Changing your name to Nepali Premi does not exemplify that you love your country. May be you should change your name to Hippocrate Nepali

Posted on 04-02-09 5:28 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I find it funny that people make a big deal about this issue. I am not a supporter of India myself but I find it weird that some people are just so obsessed with their anti-Indian sentiments! India is a big country next to us and we do share some cultural similarity with them so it is understandable that some of us showcase hindi dances in events. I don't like it personally but would you have been so pissed if it was someone rapping to the tunes of JayZ?

I think the worst thing in the world is "aggressive nationalism" and our aggressive nationalism lies in the fact that our default mode is "Anti India". They have a lot of political saying in our country and they are meddlesome but it is because we are next to them and the world is not fair. If we had a sea route, we would not be so controlled. Therefore, stop bitching about how you hate Indians and stuff because that does not change anything.

Of course, it would be better if she had danced in a Nepali song but she did not. So let it be!


Another thing that I would like to address is our obsession with greatness of Nepal based on land topography. We are proud of Sagarmatha and how Buddha was born in Nepal (even though he was enlightened in India and back in the day, there was no Nepal or no India)! We are proud of the fact that Nepal is the second biggest country in the world interms of water resources (which is unsubstanciated claim that was started in the Panchayat Era where everything about Nepal was glorified). Why can't we be proud of our people in the present and not have to base our nationalism on freaking land? I mean.. We could be proud of that doctor who won the Magasasay Award for making a new method of treating the eye or great writers like Laxmi Prasad Devkota. But Mount Everest? C'mon.....

Posted on 04-02-09 5:39 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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NAS bhai ko sab kuro sarbanas hudaa .....yini Pir -yankaa naani battisi dekhaaudai haasdaichhin .....


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